Saturday, September 26, 2009

Slacking Off

The last week or two I've been slacking off with my blog.

The week of the 16th was very busy for us. Our 20th wedding anniversary, the beagle club's 4-day license trial plus Phil's trip to Ohio to the NAVHDA Invitational with Bella.

Our anniversary was very nice. We had a quiet dinner together at Red Lobster. Phil gave me a boquet of mixed roses. Very lovely.

The NAVHDA Invitational was very exciting. Phil's training partner, Mike Groman, and his dog MoJo, passed for his versatile championship. Bella had a snag with her shackled duck and did not pass that leg of the test. Very disappointing but we will try again next year!

My 4th round of chemo wasn't too bad this time. Well, I did have another reaction to the Oxaliplatin. My face turned beet red and got blotchy. My bp went up and my throat again felt like it was closing. The nurses gave me Allegra and then two shots of 100cc Solucortisol. I went home and slept all night.

I got disconnected from the chemo bag on Thursday. No really bad side effects. A little nausea but Friday was pretty bad. Lots of nausea and diarrhea. I hate that. My feet and hands are really hurting. Tingly sensations and itching. I'm afraid they are going to peel.

I've spent the day watching cooking shows on the Food Network. Yummy. Giada and Ina make me so hungry.

It's rained all day here. Phil had a hunt test outside of Butler with Bella this morning. As soon as he got home he and Mike went back out to train.

That's about it here. Praying for a mild week with no problems. Ooops, forgot to mention when I saw Dr. V on the 22nd he said it may be another 6-8 months of chemo. My face hit the floor. I can't imagine and am really not ready for that.


Daria said...

6-8 months more of chemo sounds overwhelming ... but just know you can do it.

All the best to you ...

Carol Pack Urban said...

Thank you Daria. I hate complaining when so many people have things so much worse than I do.