Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today is Thursday

I slept until 7:51 this morning. We didn't need to be at the center until 11 but got there at 10:30. We were seated in the treatment area next to a couple from Syria. What a beautiful language they spoke. They did speak English and the woman asked questions about my knitting project and where we were from. :)

I got another bag of Decadron and one or two other antinausea meds which caused me to fall asleep. I had a bout of diarrhea this morning which is certainly wearing on the system. A lot of nausea this morning before we left and driving on the way there.

After I was done we went to Giant Eagle for a few groceries and came home. I fixed a peanut butter sandwich and went to bed. Slept from 3-6. Had a wonderful bowl of my mother in law's homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. Phil headed out to train Bella. Only a week and a half until the NAVHDA Invitational in Ohio. I'm going to check out FB for a while and probably fall back to sleep. Here's praying tomorrow is a better day. I feel so exhausted.

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Daria said...

Hoping for better days.