Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today Mom Urban and I had to be at the cancer center at 8:45. We got in to the treatment area around 9:10. I set up my laptop, got my snacks out and then had my bloodwork taken by my nurse Kim. Then the urine test. She told me Dr. Viverette had spoken with the pharmacist at UPMC and they decided to switch out one of my chemo drugs. I won't be getting Oxaliplatin anymore. They are going to start me out on Camptosar. The major side effect is severe diarrhea and stomach cramping. To combat that I will be getting oral charcoal. Sounds nasty. A while later she came back to tell me my white blood count was too low to get chemo today. I was so disappointed. Today was to be chemo round #5.

We left there and went to Eat N Park in Latrobe for an early lunch. Food is always good there and our service was also very good. We did a little grocery shopping at Aldi's and then headed home to drop off the groceries and take Mom Urban back to her house. My next round of chemo is scheduled for October 13.


Tina said...

Did they give you a shot to boost your white blood cells? Are you taking any precautions so you don't get sick? Some people wear masks when their counts get low. I never have--I just wash my hands and use hand wipes alot.
I know the disappointment of not getting chemo when you expect it! Other people don't understand--they think its a break--which it sort of is, but it just prolongs everything. I hope this new chemo works well for you, and the side effects don't hit you too bad. I'd love to give up the Oxaliplatin tho! I hate the neuropathy and cold issues!
Take care!!

Carol Pack Urban said...

No shots and no special precautions. I even asked if I can still take care of my animals and my nurse said to make sure I wash my hands after handling them.

I'm kind of scared of going on the new drug because I don't know how bad the side effects will be. Phil told me to stop reading about the drugs on the internet. :)