Friday, October 2, 2009


Phil took today off to spend with me. ha! He woke me up at 7 a.m. to let me know he had made an appt at Murray Electric in Latrobe for my truck. Someone put their big foot through the wiring harness on the tow-braking system. Hmm? Not my little size 6 1/2! Methinks it was the man of the house and those big size 12-13 feet.

Have the family vacation/50th anniversary celebration planned. We're going to the Bahamas in the spring to celebrate mom and dad's anniversary. Sis and bro say they're in. I chose a three story, three bedroom, three and a half bath villa which, hopefully, is on the ocean. The photos are fantastic! Now to get passports. I noticed that both mine and Phil's birth certificates aren't good enough for the passport application. They need to be certified BC that list our parents names plus all of our birth information and birth location. So, I will be applying for those this week.

The garage called to say the truck was ready and they shrunk wrapped the wiring harness so it can't be disturbed again. Yay!

We're taking the kids out to dinner tonight to Cracker Barrel. Since Joe and Chrystal got married on Monday I thought it would be really nice to take them plus the children and Ralph and Jessica out to dinner to celebrate both marriages! I am so excited to see them tonight!

Mom and dad are out west this week with their bestest friends. She sent a text yesterday telling me they were at the Grand Canyon. They went on one of the Pink Jeep tours which sounded really exciting. Cellphones are not reliable out there so I have to wait for her to call me.

I worked yesterday. Got a lot done. Got really tired and left at 3 p.m. Had to stop by Office Max for new inkjet cartridges and then went home for a nap.

Doing much better with taking Imodium more than once a day. It really helps. Starting to not be able to finish meals so I will start losing weight in the coming weeks. This isn't a bad thing. I can afford to lose. :) Just trying to drink enough fluids which is very hard because even room temp drinks are too cold and nuked drinks really don't taste right, or it's just my taste buds. We had a nice dinner at Chilis on Monday. We went out for their Chilis-Saint Judes Children's Research donation day. We donated $20. That's twice we've eaten there for this event. It's bad enough that adults get cancer, me included, but even more heartbreaking when a child has it. That I just can't understand.


Tina said...

I know what you mean about the warm drinks! This round wasn't too bad and I could at least have cool, room temp drinks, but next time I'll probably have to warm up everything. Oj is about the only normally cold drink I can stand warm, besides water. I'll have to switch to tea and hot cocoa, but its not the same as cold water! My onc. told me they were working on this side effect, but nothing has worked yet. :(

Carol Pack Urban said...

Not being able to drink cold or room temp liquids makes me end up dehydrated and needing to come in to the center for fluids. I can't drink hot or warm tea or water all day and they complain about me drinking tea as it is because it's a diuretic(sp?). I can't drink warm milk or warm soda (another diuretic). Warm water tastes nasty.