Friday, November 6, 2009

Love the smell of a wood fire

When I drove Jassmine home on Thursday afternoon it was 39 degrees out. I thought we'd have snow overnight. Yesterday it rained for about five minutes but it really looked like it was going to snow so I went into the yard picking up sticks for kindling to make a fire.

I spent the entire day and part of the evening sitting in front of the fire watching tv. It was 75 in the great room (which is the coldest room in the house unless you count the basement).

I was so warm and toasty. Yum. Phil filled up the stove before he left this morning for hunting at Warriorsmark.

I know you're thinking, okay, you said fire and now stove, what gives? We have a zero clearance woodstove which is flush with the log walls and looks like a regular fireplace. It even has fire bricks inside which really makes it look like the interior of a fireplace. With a blower on the outside it forces hot air into the room and heats the great room area plus the master bedroom upstairs. I'm trying to remember the manufacturer. I think it's Fireplace Extraordinaire.

I decided to cook a beef roast yesterday. Too late in the day to put it in the crock pot for a long, slow cook so I browned it in my electric skillet and then transferred it to a pot and put in the oven. I only added onions and potatoes with rosemary and thyme, salt and pepper plus beef stock. It smelled so good cooking all day. I was literally in heaven sitting in my nice, warm room smelling yummy food cooking. Every time I brought up a bucket of firewood I smelled the aroma of the beef roast. Phil came home and said, "Wow! Something smells good!" It tasted even better than it smelled.

Reminder to call Randy and ask when he is taking steers to be butchered. Time to place our order for another side of beef. It is great to have meat with no antibiotics or hormones and I know our meat was raised on grass and hay.

My pcp's office called yesterday to remind me of an office visit for today. I know it's a repeat visit to check my blood pressure which goes up while on chemo. I didn't think about this yesterday but I need to call and cancel this appointment. It's flu and cold season. I don't have the immunities built up yet to fight an infection. I don't need to be around sick people. I still have two more chemo treatments to do and my bp is fine while I'm taking Lisinopril during chemo.

Thinking inside my head right now as there's no one to talk to in the house and I'm sure all the people inside my head would wonder if I started talking out loud. Anyhoo, I was thinking it's good I have my health and then bam! thinking, wait, even though the oncologist said the cancer appears to be gone, I'm still a cancer patient or should I say cancer survivor for the second time? After a year of being cancer free and then having a bad PET scan and doing chemo again I want to be able to move past talking about cancer and living with cancer. I want to be able to wake up in the morning and not think about cancer. I hope that comes soon.


Tina said...

MMM that beef roast sounds good! Do you remember what cut of beef you used?
I too hope you can soon wake up and forget about cancer! That will be a day to celebrate!

Carol Pack Urban said...

I think it was a sirloin top roast. It was so good!