Friday, November 27, 2009


Phil got up yesterday morning and went bird hunting. He took Reno. They got two pheasants. Reno retrieved both to hand. Phil was very happy with him!

After Phil came home we left for our Thanksgiving Day feast with my sister and her partner, my nephew and his girlfriend, and mom and dad.

Kim and Jill had their basement finished and it is exceptionally beautiful! The contractor did an excellent job but more than that, Kim and Jill picked out fabulous amenities with which to furnish their basement, complete with a workout room, a full size billiards table, a full size bathroom, a tv room with a Vermont Castings woodstove, and a bedroom! Magnificent! What tops it off is a little mud room for the dogs to let themselves in and out of the house during the day. The mudroom has little doggie beds and a wall heater to keep them warm. Amazing! Phil and I oooh'd and ahhh'd for the longest time. OH, and there is even a small bar area which a microwave and a wine cooler/refrigerator. I wanted to move right in.

As we were setting up the table for dinner and dad was slicing the turkey, a car drove up. We all figured they mistakenly drove into the wrong driveway as the neighbors had a full driveway. Maybe they told the driver to park in Kim and Jill's driveway? People started getting out of the car and Kim went out the door to check on them. At least we thought that because lo and behold, it was cousin Margaret with her daughter Michelle and Michelle's two sons Dakota and Colby! How exciting! They brought along their little dog Miko who had the best time chasing Kim and Jill's three dogs around. So there we were watching four little white fluffy dogs running around. It was so funny!

Dinner was fantastic. Phil and I brought the wines for dinner. We know nothing about wine. We picked out an Australian wine called Little Boomey. It was a dry white and I didn't care for it although everyone else said it was very good. Go figure the odd person would be ME! LOL!

Too many desserts to choose from. Some of us sat around the dining room table talking while Phil, Dakota and Colby watched some football game on tv while Jeff and his girlfriend Nic fell asleep on the large, very comfortable, leather sofa.

We had to leave around 6 p.m. Phil didn't have today off and he gets up at 5 a.m. for work. It rained from Hagerstown to Somerset but from there on it was dry, thankfully. Today it has snowed the entire day. Phil had a half day today and got home a little after 1 p.m. He left around 2:45 to go bird hunting.

Yesterday would have been even more fab had my brother and his two kids been able to come over. Still, I can't complain. It was a wonderful day.

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