Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two weeks past chemo

I'm feeling great even though it's only been two weeks since my last chemo treatment. The beginning of this week was not good. I was very dizzy and so tired with no strength to do anything. I tried to feed my animals and had to lean up against a tree as I was feeding my goats. I almost passed out.

We've had the woodstove going day and night since before Thanksgiving. I've been very thankful for the supply of wood that my son Joe brought us. It has kept the house very warm. With the weather being so extremely cold, and the wind and ice storms plus snow we've had the past week, it's been imperative we keep the stove going. The electricity has gone out two or three times a day but then came right back on. No major power outages so far. If we keep the stove going we won't have to worry if the power goes out. We will need to haul water to flush toilets but that's about it. I can fire up the wood cookstove in the basement and can cook on that.

I couldn't sleep. Too much weighing on my mind tonight. My DAR meeting is tomorrow. I don't think I've been to a meeting since October.

Tomorrow evening we're going over to Jessica's parents house for Hanukkah dinner. I've never attended Hanukkah so I'm looking forward to finding out what happens.

I'm hoping to just get through the holidays without reliving the nightmare of two Christmases past. Every so often I wake up screaming in the middle of the night after having a nightmare about being in the hospital. Hopefully I will never have to experience that again.

Have I mentioned that I'm finally allowed to blurt out to everyone that my daughter in law Jessica and my son Ralph are expecting their first child, whom they choose to call Lima Bean, in July 2010? We are SO excited!! I'm hoping it's a boy. hehe Grandma's little secret. Don't tell! :) I love all of the names they've picked out.

I have a few more presents to buy for Christmas and then I'm done. We haven't gotten our tree yet; probably next week some time.

Our annual Christmas dinner at our house will be the day after Christmas so the boys can spend Christmas day with their in-laws. Mom and dad will be up. Not sure if my brother and his kids will be here but my sister can't make it this year. Joe and Chrystal and the kids, along with Ralph and Jessica will be here. I've asked Phil's mom to help me cook so she will definitely be here! I have a 22 lb turkey to cook. I have to figure out how long that bird will take to thaw out! I'm figuring mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, stuffing, and sweet potatoes to round off the meal. Then my mom's applesauce cakes for dessert. Wonder if we should pick up a few pies?

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