Saturday, February 28, 2009

Play Day

I'm recovering from yesterday's play day with granddaughter Jassmine and her brother Chucky.

It was raining when I picked them up. I planned to take them to one of those play yards at McDonalds only the McDonalds in Mount Pleasant is outdoors so I drove to South Greensburg's Burger King which has an indoor play yard.

I could barely get them to eat lunch before they wanted to play. I made them eat everything before we went inside. Had to delay it a little bit due to someone needing a diaper change.

Inside the play yard we went. You should have seen Jassmine's eyes when we went inside! Off went the shoes and up inside the jungle gym Chucky went. Little sister tried to follow but was too small. She made it inside the first section which had a steering wheel and some other type of wheels to turn.

I looked around and saw there were no adults looking so I took off my boots and grabbed Jassmine and up into the jungle gym we went. She was fine as long as I was behind her. When we got to the big slide she started to cry and turn around to leave so I grabbed her and went inside. Ow, I pulled a stomach muscle and ended up upside down and backwards going head first down the slide. Faster and faster it went and I was screaming! Oh heavens what did I get myself into!

Finally out we come onto a rubber mat. It wasn't the softest surface for a landing. Jassmine was laughing and I was tired out. We played there for two hours. Wow! I took lots of pics of the kids. Thank goodness no one came in to complain about me being an adult in the kids jungle gym! HAHA

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doctor Visit

Another doctor visit today. This time with Dr. V at the cancer center. He walks in and says, "You look great!" Wow! Thanks!

My bloodwork results were normal and my CEA level was below 0.5. He said it couldn't get any better than this. Wow! I'm happy and amazed.

Left the office and drove over to see Jess. I spent a couple hours with her then went home.

What a beautiful sunny day it is. Too bad it's cold out but no complaining on my part!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Derby Trials

Oh, we got up so early this morning! Went to Franklin Township beagle club for the Heartland and Eastern derby qualifying trials. We ran one of our little bitches, "River Ridge Rachel."
She looked good. It was a very long day. It was somewhat cold and breezy but the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Beautiful day. I was so glad to have the trials over with but enjoyed spending the day with friends. It was a good day. I took lots of pics.

These trials qualify us to run this bitch at both the Heartland and Eastern federation trials. The Heartland runs at Lorain County beagle club in April and the Eastern is run at Swatara beagle club in eastern Pennsylvania.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm not working today. I'm trying to get caught up with my DAR responsibilities. I missed a deadline on one of the forms. Thank goodness I work with good people who are on their toes and keep things running smoothly.

Chapter Credentials forms for state conference are done, thanks to Rosalind! We also had a new form this year relating to property owned by DAR chapters. Again, thanks to Rosalind this one was also done.

The Master Questionnaire was sent out on time. I finished the news release notifying newspapers about the women attending state conference. I just finished the yearly report which has to be emailed to our state recording secretary and our district director. This is the report which is read at state conference either by me or our vice regent.

I haven't been outside today except to walk Bella. Looks beautiful. All sunny skies and pretty white snow.

Yesterday was a blustery day. Very windy and snowing. I had an older woman come up to me at the post office and say what an awful day it was. I said I'm thankful to be alive today. I know what she was trying to say. She wasn't enjoying the weather. I'm just happy to be alive. I'll take whatever weather we're given! I'm going to enjoy my day. Praise God!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day Trip

I woke up this morning to find that Phil decided to drive me in to Pittsburgh instead of me driving myself in. He was afraid I'd have a coughing attack and wreck. Well, I almost passed out once with one of those coughing attacks.

My appointment with Dr. Moser was at 11:15 but I got there about 10:30. The waiting room was full which isn't a good thing. I was sitting there hoping that not everyone there had cancer.

I got called in and a young woman from Carlow College asked me questions and an oriental doctor whose name escaped me asked me more questions. I really think no one had an idea why I was there. This isn't too humorous to me since we drove 60 miles in to see the doctor. I expect someone to have an idea why you're there.

I told them it was just a checkup after the port removal last month. Ah, so that's why you're here, not because of any cancer-related issues. No, no cancer. I'm fine. :) I never did see Dr. Moser although the young woman and the oriental doctor were very excited to meet me, saying mine was such a miraculous case. Yes, it was, and still is.

I left the office, walked down the street and caught a bus into downtown Pittsburgh. Met Phil at the office. Spoke to different people in his office, spoke to his manager. Everyone was excited to see me. Lots of hugs and kisses. Very eventful and nice.

We left the office and walked to the Civic Arena, picked up our car, drove to Olive Garden in Monroeville for lunch, then drove home. After which, I had a nap.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

It's been a while since I posted anything. I was sick all this past week. It started with a scratchy throat on Monday and by Tuesday I was running a fever and in bed. I only started to feel somewhat better on Thursday. Thank goodness for cough syrup!

How long does it take to build up the immune system? Are there any types of foods that promote a healthy immune system for the ex-cancer patient now cancer survivor? I know I read a few weeks ago that the CDC had said vitamins weren't really beneficial. I took so many pills while undergoing cancer treatment that I really hope to not have to take any more pills.

I received a brochure in the mail yesterday from the American Cancer Society. Seems there will be a one day seminar in Pittsburgh on March 13 (free to cancer survivors). I'm thinking about going. One of the topics will be how to boost the immune system via yoga. I thought that was different.

My son Ralph stopped over this evening while I was fixing dinner. He stayed a little while and visited, then had to go. Jess was working.

It snowed today. I saw buds on trees in Greensburg last weekend. I can't wait for spring and I hope we'll be done with snow soon.