Monday, January 25, 2010

Back Home

I drove to Maryland last Thursday to visit with my parents and accompany them to mom's visit to her doctor on Friday.

The drive was excrutiating for me. I hate to drive. I would much rather be a passenger. I have a hard time sitting still for a four hour drive and driving really does require that you sit in the driver's seat the entire time. No getting up and moving to the back of the car or look out the window at deer on the hillside or hawks in the sky. Who'd a thunk it?

So, I finally get there after a long, long drive {did I say that already?} and as soon as I walked in the door we had dinner. Yum. Something leftover from when my sister was up. Don't worry, it had been in the freezer.

Enjoyed a nice evening with mom, dad and my brother. Friday morning we got up for the drive into Baltimore for mom's surgical follow up visit. Lots of cars on too many different roads for me to remember how we got there. Did see Camden Yards from my car window. Finally we arrived at Mercy Hospital. Beautiful building. Nice people.

Nurse arrived to do all the necessary things and told mom she had good news. The pathology results had come back that mom's cancer was Stage Ia which is extremely good news. It means her cancer had not gone beyond the uterine lining. She won't need any further treatment beyond the hysterectomy she already endured. It was such a good feeling to be able to be there with my parents and share in the good news.

We had a nice lunch at the Double T Diner in Annapolis. Way too many menu choices. Later we had a nice meal of chili at home and then I drove back on Saturday morning. I arrived home at 4 p.m. and went straight for a nap. All that driving is so stressful and tiring.

It was great to see my husband and to be home. I missed my parents but there's nothing like sleeping on your own pillow and being in your own bed.

Sunday we went over to Phil's mother's house for dinner celebrating his brother Dave's birthday. Great meal and lots of leftovers. In fact, we just finished a meal of leftovers. Believe me, they are even better the second time around!

I plan to go in to work tomorrow morning then I have an appointment at the cancer center to get my port flushed. That has to be done every eight weeks.

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Daria said...

Sounds like a real nice trip.