Saturday, January 16, 2010


Is happiness truly a state of being? Is it only in the mind?

Right now I don't feel the happiness I used to feel. It could be because I have not taken my meds for a few days. Not sure.

Maybe I want more from my life? What should I do to achieve it?

I've heard the saying that only you can give yourself happiness. I'm not sure about that. Being around fun people can make you happy even if only for a little while.

Why do some people do or say things to bring others down? Why cause an end to someone else's happiness? Why not choose to bring joy to those around you?

I think being happy is a choice. You can choose to see only gloom and doom or choose to see blue skies and beautiful clouds.

I choose to take my meds and be happy seeing the beauty around me and bringing joy to everyone I meet.


Tina said...

It seems alot of people go through the "what should I do with my life" thing after finishing chemo. Maybe that's what you're going through? I know I've already been thinking about it. I know I don't want to just go back to the "same old same old". I want to have more fun, help more people, and just be less lazy in general. I'm hoping that once I've got the cancer and the chemo out of my system I'll have more energy. It'll be interesting to find out if part of my tiredness the last few years was from the cancer growing in me.
Anyways...I DO think happiness is a choice. Although its ok to be a little down now and then. I'll pray you get your happy outlook back! You always bring a smile to my face with your happy, funny attitude! :-)

Carol Pack Urban said...

Thanks Tina!