Saturday, February 13, 2010


Did I ever mention that I love to knit? The other day I was on Facebook chat with a girlfriend I went to high school with. She is also a knitter. We were discussing projects and she sent me a link to the pattern of a shawl she's been working on and has almost finished. I lamented that I seem to not have enough time to knit anymore. My excuse? Always on the computer! With that, she said I seriously need to back off the computer. So I did just that! Amazingly, I started a pair of socks for my granddaughter Jassmine at 8:00 that evening and finished them the next morning. Later that same day I finished the mate to that sock. Yesterday afternoon I found a pattern for a bolero, or cropped sweater, that I liked so I started on it. It, too, is for Jassmine. I have the back and fronts knit up and have started on one sleeve. I'm happy to say that backing off the computer has been really good for me and I plan to keep it up! I'll be putting up photos of the finished objects soon.

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