Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thinking of Mr. Rogers

I was just thinking about Mr. Rogers. When I lived in Virginia, I remember we only got three channels on the tv set. One of those was the PBS channel where I used to watch Mr. Rogers with my toddler. I also remember watching Mr. Rogers when I was a small child. I never knew where he was from or must not have paid any attention. On one episode Mr. Rogers was in Pittsburgh standing outside of the Civic Arena. It was such a coincidence because we were getting ready to move to the Pittsburgh area ourselves. I'd never even seen a picture of what it looked like. Here was Mr. Rogers walking around downtown Pittsburgh and I was watching. Now after living in western Pennsylvania for the past 24 years I am pretty familiar with the area. At least good enough to give out directions. LOL! Mr. Rogers passed away a while back. He was from Latrobe which is 13 miles from where we live. From what I understand what you saw on tv was just the way he was in real life. I thought of him today. Just thinking what a beautiful, sunny day it was outside in my neighborhood. Always when I hear the word neighborhood I think of Mr. Rogers. So Mr. Rogers, it's warming up but not nearly warm enough to just wear that zip up cardigan of yours and I think you may still need the boots for just a while longer. Those blue boat shoes of yours will have to wait. But the sunny day? I'm sure you are enjoying all the sunny days in heaven and thank you for sharing some of those with us here who think of you.

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