Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why Doesn't Colon Cancer Rate As High As Breast Cancer?


I don't understand it. It seems so hip to be a Breast Cancer survivor but when you tell someone you are a Colon Cancer survivor it's like you haven't suffered or something because you've only lost your colon and not your breasts.

Colon Cancer kills more people each year than Breast Cancer so why doesn't it get the same respect? Why is it that more people, and businesses, donate money towards Breast Cancer research?

I'm watching tv tonight and what do I see? KFC now has pink buckets of chicken that they're selling and donating a portion of the proceeds of each bucket to the Susan G Komen Foundation.

Okay, I dig pink and I've even donated to Breast Cancer research but since I was diagnosed with Stage Three Colon Cancer in 2007, at age 45, I feel very slighted that MY cancer doesn't invoke a sense of urgency among people. Women worry more about getting Breast Cancer when their chances of getting Colon Cancer are much higher.

Everyone sells something in pink offering a percentage of funds toward Breast Cancer research. I want to see businesses selling things in blue for Colon Cancer research! Men and women get Colon Cancer! It hits people of all ages and races.

Please don't think I'm negating what Breast Cancer patients have gone through. Cancer sucks all the way around. I just wish that other cancers were given the same respect and research opportunities.

Be hip! Donate to Colon Cancer research! One day we may live in a world without cancer. Wouldn't that be awesome?

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Tina said...

I hear ya!
Even tho I'm now part of the "pink ribbon" group, I would still prefer to raise money for colon cancer, because it is deadlier. It is not caught as early due to waiting until 50 for screening. I also like to donate to research and programs that benefit all cancer patients.