Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today's Follow Up Visit

I met with Dr. V at the cancer center today. My appointment was for 1:15 and I got there at 1 p.m.

I sat in the reception area until 1:15, then was called back for vitals by one of the nurse aids. I'm not going to reveal how much the scale said I weighed (LIAR!) but the blood pressure cuff tried to cut my arm off before it gave a reading of 132/91. Not a good bp.

I got back to the exam room at 1:20 and Dr. V came in at 1:50. I was beginning to think they forgot I was there!

He walked in and said my blood counts were all normal and my CEA level was still below 0.5. Didn't say a word when he saw that I'd gained three more pounds since I was there in March! LOL. Guess he knows better than that.

He says to me, "Stay Cured," then tells me my next appointment will be in September and we'll schedule me for a PET scan sometime around then. Yay! All is still good!

We discussed my bp. He looked at my chart again and said my bp tends to fluctuate and he wasn't worried. Thought it might be because I get really worried and worked up prior to visits. That is so true.

Chrystal had an appointment for a sonogram at the hospital this morning. She sent me a picture message with the sonogram pic of the baby. Said all was still good. Heart beat was good and the baby was moving around like a kickboxer. That is really good because I was worried since she had been spotting and had been cramping.

Phil and I went fishing in the boat at Donegal Lake this weekend between rain spells. Didn't even get a bite. Still, it was very relaxing. Afterward we had dinner with Ralph and Jess at their house. Didn't stay long. The kids were heading out to go night fishing. All is great with Jessica's pregnancy. Baby Lilly has about a month to go before she makes her grand entrance.

I've been sewing like crazy for the past two weeks. First I made two outfits for Jassmine and then started sewing for Lilly. If Bella hadn't escaped and had me chasing her this morning I would have finished another outfit for Lilly today. Thankfully, Bella returned or it would have been a tremendously sad day in the Urban household. Moral of the story? Dogs on leashes at all times. No exceptions.