Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Slow Going

I started a sweater for my granddaughter Lilly last month.  I picked out the pattern soon after Ralph and Jess told me they were expecting!  I've been working on it every opportunity that I get, even if it's when I'm a passenger and Phil is driving.  I figure the more I work on it the faster it'll get done. 

Well, it's one month into the sweater and I've only gotten six inches of knitting completed.  It's an easy knit.  I just find working with size 2 needles to be cumbersome, that and the amount of stitches on the needles!  Still, I'm hoping that I can have it finished before she outgrows it.  Such was the problem with some things I've made for granddaughter Jassmine.  I finished the pink cotton knitted dress for Jassmine last month; she tries it on and decides she doesn't like it.  Ugg!  Maybe it will still fit her next year and she'll decide she likes it then.  I can only hope.

I stopped by the Salvation Army thrift store in Latrobe on my way home from work today.  I found a lot of good buys and saved 50% on clothes because Wednesday is "Family Day."  I bought a set of twin bed sheets each for Chucky and Jassmine.  A top and two pairs of leggings for Jassie.  Two dresses for Lilly and some newborn baby outfits for Dixie who is due to be born on January 2.  Oh, and another Barbie, a pair of tights for Jassie and for Lilly, and a baby bag for Dixie.

We had a massive storm here at the house this afternoon which occurred almost as soon as I came in the door from putting Bella out on the cable.  I barely had time to run back out the door to get her before tree limbs came down and a multitude of leaves flew in the door and the rain started!  I was so pleased with her.  I gave her the sit command while I picked up the debris from off the floor of the dining and living room and she actually minded me.  She was probably wondering why it was taking me so long to pick up leaves and sticks from off the floor!  I opened the door to the basement and gave her the kennel command and away she ran down to her kennel.  She went inside and sat and waited for me.  I was so pleased!  Good girl, Bella!

Monday, September 20, 2010

PET Scan

I'm on the frequent monitoring list with my oncologist.  My latest PET scan was on Sept 7 and I was to have a follow up appointment with the nurse practitioner on the 9th.  The scan happened but the follow up was postponed until Oct 7.  Scan results were CLEAR and my CEA levels were still 0.5!  Yay!

Have been busy at home and at at work, and most recently, with my DAR chapter.  Brought home the Dell computer that I donated to the chapter to make necessary software and hardware updates.  We're getting internet service at the chapter house!  This will make it so nice for doing research in our library.

I'm working on the chapter's Oct-Nov newsletter and was asked this morning to take over as the adult leader for our Peggy Shaw C.A.R. chapter.  I said yes.  This is in addition to being the PA state chairman of commemorative events, which is a job I'm looking forward to this term!

Phil and I have spent a lot of time traveling recently.  giggle  Driving back and forth scouting out various pheasant and grouse potential hotspots for him to hunt.  Have it all mapped out in GPS coordinates with his Garmin.  The dogs are looking forward to getting out to hunt with Phil.

We took Opal up to be bred last week at Warriorsmark to one of their stud dogs, Harley, another German Shorthair Pointer.  Hopefully it'll work out and we'll have pups in Nov.