Monday, September 20, 2010

PET Scan

I'm on the frequent monitoring list with my oncologist.  My latest PET scan was on Sept 7 and I was to have a follow up appointment with the nurse practitioner on the 9th.  The scan happened but the follow up was postponed until Oct 7.  Scan results were CLEAR and my CEA levels were still 0.5!  Yay!

Have been busy at home and at at work, and most recently, with my DAR chapter.  Brought home the Dell computer that I donated to the chapter to make necessary software and hardware updates.  We're getting internet service at the chapter house!  This will make it so nice for doing research in our library.

I'm working on the chapter's Oct-Nov newsletter and was asked this morning to take over as the adult leader for our Peggy Shaw C.A.R. chapter.  I said yes.  This is in addition to being the PA state chairman of commemorative events, which is a job I'm looking forward to this term!

Phil and I have spent a lot of time traveling recently.  giggle  Driving back and forth scouting out various pheasant and grouse potential hotspots for him to hunt.  Have it all mapped out in GPS coordinates with his Garmin.  The dogs are looking forward to getting out to hunt with Phil.

We took Opal up to be bred last week at Warriorsmark to one of their stud dogs, Harley, another German Shorthair Pointer.  Hopefully it'll work out and we'll have pups in Nov.

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