Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Year Past Chemo!

Whoo hoo!  A year ago today I was disconnected from the chemo pump for the last time!!  That was a freedom you just can't imagine! 

As I look back at the year, I can say it's been a good one for me and my family.  Even though my mother was diagnosed with Stage I Uterine Cancer, she needed no further treatment other than the hysterectomy.  God is great! 

Even though my sister had a hemicolectomy and a hysterectomy to remove the likelihood of her getting Colon Cancer or Uterine Cancer, she was back to running on the treadmill a week after her surgery.  She's even run a marathon and a few other long distance runs.  (How do you categorize a run if it's not a marathon; i.e., 26 miles?)  She recovered quick and is very healthy otherwise.  God is great!

My health has been very good over the last year.  Only one cold which is no big deal.  All my PET scans have been clear and I'm looking forward to my future without cancer.  God is great!

We have been blessed with a second granddaughter, Lilly Paige, and are expecting Dixie on December 31 unless she decides to make an earlier entrance! 

I have been knitting like crazy and enjoying it so much.  It's wonderful to be able to create something that I know will keep my grandchildren warm and look beautiful at the same time.