Wednesday, December 28, 2011


will be my procedure at the hospital. It's called a D&C. My cervix has been closed for years and, no, this does not mean I'm a virgin. HA! I've heard that one already! My last PET scan in September showed something in the endometrial cavity. My gyn tried to do a uterine biopsy in November but couldn't because of the cervix being closed. Tomorrow's procedure opens it up so she can do the biopsy. Praying that it is not cancer. We haven't heard from the hospital yet so I don't know what time to be there. Glad Phil has a vacation day so he can take me to the hospital.

Woke up to snow on the ground. It's been intermittent all day. I've been trying for three days to get a fire going in the wood stove. Today just might be the day for it to finally catch!

Did I mention the hens are back to laying since I put the heat lamp in their house? I came back from my parents on Saturday to find 24 eggs in nesting boxes. I've gotten four or more eggs every day since then. Reno, Opal and Bella were happy to get one each yesterday. We'll see how today goes.

Dadburned service technician from A&E Factory Service Repair came out yesterday to fix my Whirlpool Duet HE washer. When I scheduled the repair online I entered the model and serial number of the machine plus gave an accurate description of the repair needed. When he arrived, he looked at the machine, wrote down the model and serial number and then went out to the truck and came back to say he did NOT have the part to fix it! GRRRRRR! The man could see that I have piles and piles of clothes taking over my basement and that I need my washing machine to work! GRRRRR! He ordered the part which will come by Friday by FedEx. Hopefully. I'm supposed to call them back after the part arrives. GRRRRR!

Did I also mention that Phil lost his cellphone in the Conemaugh River when he was duck hunting on Monday. So, when I go to Life 360 to locate my husband it shows me a map of where the phone was last. In the middle of the river. Verizon said I could either pay Assurion $99 to get a replacement phone or upgrade to a new phone for $199. We decided to upgrade to the Motorola Droid Bionic. My fingers are crossed that Phil will not lose this one.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Week

I was with my parents. Mom's first chemo treatment was on Wednesday. We were there from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. She did well. No nausea afterward. She was just fatigued but still managed to flit around the house getting things done!

Dad and I went shopping on Thursday and Friday then I went home on Saturday morning. Her next chemo is on their 52nd wedding anniversary this coming Wednesday.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Kind of a strange day. Weird, I guess. I had my clock set for 7:15. I wanted to get up early to go to QuickDraw to get my pre-op testing done today. I ended up sleeping through the alarm and music. I woke up at 8:30, got dressed, put on a little makeup and ran out the door. I didn't even take the dogs out before I left. Got to the Pellis Rd office at 9 and was out the door by 9:40. Stopped at McDonald's in Southwest Greensburg for biscuits and a Diet Coke for my breakfast and then drove home. I took the dogs out and then fed and watered my chickens, ducks and goats. It was 55 degrees when I was out. Slight rain. Very dark sky and lots of wind. Makes me want to stay inside and huddle under the covers all day.

On the way home I called and spoke to my Dad. Mom was out at a doctor's appointment. I think she was getting her pre-op testing done. Her port placement is on Monday. Dad said she has a CT scan for this afternoon.

I also stopped to look at a small camper in Lycippus. I've seen it out in the yard for a couple of years now. I think it's a Scotty and it was made in 1976 so it's 35 years old. They're asking $900 which I think is OUTRAGEOUS even if it does have new cushions, bedding and a new coat of paint on the outside. The info sheet said the water isn't working which makes me wonder what else may be wrong with it. I didn't see info about a heater and there's not bathroom. I need to find out what it might be worth. Phil would think it's ridiculous to buy one. I was thinking cheap and easy to haul. It was 17 ft long.

I work tomorrow then plan to run errands. Have to get gift cards for Christmas presents. No plans yet for Saturday. Phil is judging a United Beagle Clubs trial at Franklin Township on Sunday and I'm tagging along. After that is dinner at his mom's house. Monday is our monthly meeting at Salem. Tuesday I head to Mom and Dad's.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update on Mom

Mom called this afternoon to let me know she gets her port installed on Monday, Dec 19. She also said she is supposed to start chemo AND radiation on Wednesday, Dec 21. I don't think this is acceptable! Both are not done in the same facility like it is here at UPMC's Arnold Palmer Pavilion in Greensburg. She would have to go for radiation at a facility an hour from her house and then drive to the chemo facility the same day. I think this needs to be thought out a bit more. Mom is going to call her doctor tonight to discuss further.

I worked a couple hours at the office yesterday then took Opal to the vet. She still had a porcupine quill in her muzzle near her eye. Dr. Markle said it will work itself out but shouldn't come near to her eye. She'll be fine.

Today I worked two hours at the office and then I came home and fed animals. Now I've got chocolate chip/pecan flavored chip cookies baking in the oven. The dough even tastes good!

I have a nice fire going in the woodstove and it's warm enough (66.4 degrees) for me to sit here in the front room. It will be great when Randy installs our new Payne heat pump! I got a pretty good deal since I work for him.

Mom called again. Wasn't able to reach her doctor's office. They closed at 4 p.m. Phil called at 5:30. He was on Grant St heading out of the city and should be home by 7.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Alright, I've figured out if you see a sign that says FREE or something on the side of the road which looks pretty good and you could use it that it's better to stop right then because for sure it won't be there when you come back through!

Today, I saw a sign at a house on Marguerite Lake Road in Pleasant Unity over by Naser's Foods. The sign read, "Free 12 Chickens." I drove right into their driveway and stopped to talk to the owner who was out picking up sticks in the yard. I asked if the sign meant free range chickens or free as in you're giving them away? He laughed. I told him I'd be back at 5:00 after the chickens went in to roost for the night.

I came back at 5:00 and almost all were up on the roost settling in for the night. One was in a nesting box and three moulty ones were out in the barn. He and I wrangled chickens taking two in his arms and three in mine. We put them into Phil's dog boxes on back of the truck. I thanked the man and went on my way.

Phil won't be happy though. Some of the chickens pooped in the boxes. I'll probably get stuck cleaning that out myself. I put five of the hens in with my other chickens and left the other seven in the dog boxes until Phil comes home from work.

I now have 24 chickens, six of which are roosters. Oh happy times come tomorrow when they all wake up at dawn and try to figure out who will be chief rooster in the chicken house! Updates to follow in the next few days, I'm sure.


Two years ago this month, as I was finishing my last chemo treatment, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 1a Endometrial Cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy and the surgical oncologist thought that would do the trick with no further treatment needed. He was wrong. Last month she had a biopsy and was told her cancer was back. I'm glad to say it's still Stage 1a(b) but she'll need radiation and most likely chemo. The good part is she'll only have to do three cycles of chemo. I did 10 the first time and six (or was it eight?) the second time. The bad part will be her losing her hair but I've already told her I will make her some chemo caps! She's supposed to find out tomorrow when this all will take place. I plan to go down for the first week to see how she does with it. She stayed with me for six months during my chemo treatments. I can't say no nor would I want to. She saw what I went through with chemo ... getting so very sick and she worries that she will, too. I told her everyone responds differently. I met people who never got sick during chemo and worked full time through their treatment. I was amazed by them. I'm hoping she breezes through it all. I came through it with a sense that life is so very short, there is no time to waste on pettiness, hurt feelings, anger or jealousy. Life is what it is. We need to make the best of it and try to enjoy every day we have.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Knitted Sweater

After I finished the knitted skirt for Lilly, I decided to work on a cardigan for Dixie. She grew faster than I could finish that last sweater. Hopefully, by the time another grandbaby comes along I'll have finished it!

I loved the colors in the yarn and finally found a pattern I liked well enough to begin a project. I picked the Precious Heirloom Cardigan pattern by Lisa Ellis which I found in the Love of Knitting magazine (Winter 2011 issue). The yarn is from the Deborah Norville Collection Everyday Soft Worsted in Nursery made by Premier Yarns.

The pattern called for Cloud 9 in white by Cascade Yarns which contains a fair amount of Angora. I managed to snag up some Cloud 9 in pink from a fellow Ravelry knitter. Thank you, Bethe! One of the next projects will be using this same pattern but for Lilly this time. I do have to make something for Jassmine or she'll feel left out that Grandma isn't making anything for her. :(

I've gotten to the point where the back is on stitch holders until the two fronts are finished then they will be joined and the sleeves started.

Here are some photos.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

So much to be thankful for

There is so much that I'm thankful for today. Here are but a few.

Number 1--I'm thankful to be alive and that my cancer is in remission.

Number 2--I'm thankful for my husband Phil. He works so hard to provide a home for us and put food on our plates. He is a good man. I couldn't ask for more.

Number 3--I'm thankful for my children and their families and that they are all healthy.

Number 4--I'm thankful my parents are still with me.

Number 5--I'm thankful for my mother in law.

Number 6--I'm thankful that my mother's cancer is not worse than it could have been.

Number 7--I'm thankful for my sister and brother, and for extended family and friends.

Number 8--I'm thankful for my doctors and nurses. They have lifted my spirits in terrible times.

Number 9--I'm thankful to live in the United States of America and to have the freedoms we enjoy.

Number 10--I'm thankful for two working vehicles that get us where we need to go.

Number 11--I'm thankful for friends I've met via the internet.

Number 12--I'm thankful for God's plan of salvation and for sending his son, Jesus, who died on the cross and rose again the third day, to save us from our sins.

Monday, October 31, 2011


I know, what a silly topic!

I used to have very long hair for about 15 years. It started to thin and fall out so I had it cut short. Should have known back then that there was a health issue when hair falls out. Looking back I think we should have questioned it. Now we know it was cancer.

I've been in remission for almost two years. So hard to believe it's been that long! I'm really excited because my hair has grown in really thick and I haven't had it cut since this past March. Well, other than trimming my bangs, that is.

A lovely young woman at one of my favorite blogs posted a photo of her hair ideas. Since I've started pinning my hair up, to keep it off my face, I decided I'd take a photo of how it looks! I can't wait for it to get really long. Thought I'd share the photo.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I forgot to post that my scan results and blood work were both good. I don't have to go back until April. I'm on the once a year oncology visit now.

They did ask me to follow up with my gynecologist and to get a mammogram which I will.

Friday, September 30, 2011

10th PET Scan

Today was my PET scan. I sat in the chair trying to figure out how many I've had in the past four years. I came up with the number 10. People complain about getting radiation at the dentist or going through x-ray machines at the airport but those amounts of radiation are nothing like this!

So, I'm radioactive for the remainder of the day. Can't be near any children or pregnant women so I'm home hiding. That and the weather here really sux! I heard a weather report this morning that said the Laurel Highlands (where we live) possibly will get snow. WHAT? Where did autumn go? I want a recount! In fact, I want Indian summer. Give me a few more 70-80 degree days with blue skies! The leaves didn't even have a chance to turn colors. They all fell off about a week ago.

I went in for my scan at 9 a.m. and walked out the door at noon. Went right down the road to get something to eat, then filled up the truck. Couldn't believe GetGo had gas for $3.49 in Latrobe! We paid $3.42 in Ohio two weeks ago. Glad to see it coming down. Last week it was $3.59 and the week before that was $3.69! It would only be $1.00 a gallon if it weren't for all the PA State Taxes we pay!

Said one prayer as I drove to Greensburg for my scan. Asked God to please be with me and get me through the scan without having a panic attack. He did. No panicking. Asked for my test results to be good. Will find out next Thursday at my oncologist visit.

That's about it. Waiting for the hubs to get home from work. Spoke to him at 6:30 and he was stuck in the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. Said traffic was terrible.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Week

This weekend we spent driving back and forth to Ohio for the NAVHDA Invitational. We had a great time even though Bella did not pass for her V.C. title.

Tonight was our beagle club meeting. I have a menu planned for all four days of the AKC license trial. Now I have to go shopping and clean the club house. The weather is supposed to be bad the rest of the week so I've planned meals with the cold, rainy weather in mind. Hopefully no one will get food poisoning from my cooking. :)

Got the call today scheduling my PET/CT scan for Friday, September 30. Now that it's scheduled I have to get blood work done either tomorrow or Wednesday. I meet again with Dr. V on October 6. I need to schedule my yearly exam with the gynecologist and then mammogram at the hospital. It will be good to have those over and done with.

That's it for now. Will write more tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Home has never actually been a building to me. It's always been a feeling of belonging. It's family. I've lived a lot of places in my life and as long as family is near I've been okay. I grew up in the D.C. area but it was never home. Home is where your family is from. I guess you would call it the "old country." I drove back to West Virginia on Saturday for my Aunt's funeral. Driving home. Every time I go back there I never want to leave. I feel home. I feel like it's where I should be. Where I want to be. For now, I live in Pennsylvania but one day I will be able to go home to stay.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodbye Aunt Dot

I grew up calling her Aunt Dot but her name was Dorothy. She was such a special person in my life. Always has been. Always will be. I don't recall a time when she ever had an unkind word to me. When I was a toddler, Mom and Dad moved from WV to D.C. to live with Mom's brother; my Uncle Jack. Their son, Michael, my cousin, was three months older than me. Eventually my Dad found a job and we moved to an apartment of our own. We lived in D.C. until 1968 when the race riots were going on. We moved to Waldorf not far from where Uncle Jack and Aunt Dot lived. By this time our little family had added another daughter and a son while theirs added two more sons. A daughter didn't arrive until much later. Michael and I attended T.C. Martin elementary together. We were in the same first grade class. Mrs. Hagwood. Aunt Dot made a lot of my clothes. In particular I remember a blue skirt and a plaid wool skirt with attached suspenders. It was scratchy on my legs. The next year we moved to Riverdale so Dad would be closer to his job while they moved to Landover. At that time Uncle Jack was a D.C. cop. Many things happened over the years. They moved to Virginia where I met my first husband who was a friend of my cousin Gary's. He helped on the farm they lived on. I don't remember where Aunt Dot was but that summer that I met him she was gone for a few days. I came down to stay and cook for the family. They really didn't need me because Aunt Dot had taught them to be very self reliant in the kitchen. They were all better cooks than I was but I loved staying with them, loved the farm and had a wonderful time. When Aunt Dot came home she told my mother that I put things away and she couldn't find anything. That was funny! That summer we visited many times and I think I spent a month or two with her. I loved every minute of it. After Ralph and I married and had little Ralph we moved to Staunton. We didn't live there long. Jobs were hard to come by and to keep. While I worked as a temporary secretary my Aunt Dot would keep little Ralph for me. She loved watching him and I remember her saying he was a funny baby. Always talking to himself or doing funny things. After we moved to Pittsburgh, Joe was born. We went back to WV a couple times a year; reunions, weddings or funerals. Always making sure to stop in to see Aunt Dot and Uncle Jack. After Phil and I married we continued going down to visit but not very often did we get to WV the last five or so years. My health was bad with the cancer plus Uncle Jack and Aunt Dot have been in and out of the hospital. My cousin Laura kept in touch with me through Facebook and also texting. She let me know that her Mom wasn't doing good and the doctors told them they had done all they could for Aunt Dot. I prayed to God asking for mercies for Aunt Dot and peace for the children. This morning God answered that prayer by taking Aunt Dot home to heaven to be with her Mother and other members of her family. When I go back home to WV it will be hard to be at the family home without Aunt Dot. She was the best baker I ever knew. Her cakes were amazing. I wish I had learned half the things she tried to teach me. I don't recall her complaining although she could have. I remember hearing her cry out at night from the intense pain in her legs. She suffered with that pain for years and years. I am thankful that God ended her pain and that she's no longer suffering. My heart breaks for her children, my cousins, and her husband, my Uncle. My heart breaks for me because I won't see her until I meet her again in heaven. She was a good one to send cards and always called throughout my illness. If I could take one life lesson I learned from her and that would be to remember the sick and needy. She was a good woman and I wish I was more like her. God bless you, Aunt Dot. I will miss you very much. You are much loved.

In a few minutes it'll be Thursday

I had the clock set for 7:45 this morning and slept right through it. One eye opened and looked at the clock at 9:35. One thought crossed my mind and that was that Rosalind would be so mad at me if I didn't show up to help her at the chapter house! I knew I couldn't let her down so I finally slid off the edge of the bed and crawled into the bathroom.

I ran around the house putting paperwork in my DAR bag to take with me. I brought the dogs back inside and loaded everything in my truck including some things I wanted to take to Joe. Then I remembered I hadn't washed my hands after bringing the dogs back in and Reno slobbered on me. Ugg. That was so gross. Back inside, I ran upstairs to wash my hands and then back downstairs and, locking the door behind me, I slammed it closed.

I walked over to the truck and climbed in, looked at the ignition and screamed NO! I left the keys inside the house. No keys to the truck and no keys to the house. Dagnabbit! I started thinking of who to call. An hour later I was inside the house, grabbed the keys and off I drove! Thank you, Ralph and Jess!

When I got to the chapter house there were two people working in the library plus one working with Rosalind and Fran working in another room. I spoke to both of them for a little bit and then went downstairs to work on the folders for the district meeting this Saturday. When those were finished we all left.

I had to stop by Rosalind's to pick up chapter stationery and envelopes, then back home I went. It was almost 4:00 when I got home. I put the dogs back out then fed my chickens, goats and ducks.

Phil didn't get home until 7:15. We had sandwiches for dinner. Left for Acme Lake to work with Bella but Freeman Falls Road was closed. We decided to go to Donegal Lake but didn't get there until 7:50. It was getting dark quickly so Phil worked blind retrieves with Bella while I filmed it.

Only three more weeks until the NAVHDA Invitational! Only about 100 dogs are invited to test for their Versatile Championship. Bella is one of them. She qualified last year with her Utility Test Prize I. This is her second attempt and we're praying it's all good! She and Phil qualified back in 2008 and she tested in 2009 but didn't pass because she couldn't find the shackled duck during testing. She kept trying to bring back the bird crate with all the birds in it! They've since eliminated that portion of the test. I think she and Phil will do well. They're both more relaxed. Last time I was still going through chemo and I know that weighed heavily on Phil during training. This will be better, I just know it!

OOOOPS! And, yesterday we experienced an earthquake on the east coast! It was a 5.9 centered just outside of Mineral, Virginia about 90 miles from D.C. and a whole heck further away from me but I felt it and thought at first that the marcellus shale drilling going on was blowing my house sky high or that I was hallucinating. Well, good to point out that I was neither blown up nor hallucinating. giggle Both good to know! My first earthquake. Hopefully I'll never experience another one.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

So much has happened in such a short time

Ralph, Jessica and Lilly have moved to a townhouse closer to his work. It's very cute and has a large kitchen plus the rent is lower than what they were paying at the house. The only downside is there's no view like the house on the farm. Another positive is no crazy landlord!

I finished putting together the handout for the district meeting next week and printed off copies for the attendees. Next, I need to write my speech for the chapter meeting on September 10. My topic is "9/11 Remembered."

There's so much going on in September! I'd like to go to the PSSDAR wreath laying ceremony at the Flight 93 Memorial at Shanksville on the 11th. The 13th is regent's club meeting at Mrs. Weir's farm. Our 22nd anniversary is the 16th. The 18th is our Peggy Shaw Society meeting and also Phil and Bella's Versatile Championship test at the NAVHDA Invitational in Ohio. The 19th is the beagle club meeting and the 23rd-25th is the beagle club field trial.

Oh, and my four year cancerversary is on September 5; as if I could really forget that it's been four years! One day at a time.

My PET/CT scan is supposed to be sometime in September. My calendar is filling up fast so I hope they let me know soon when it will be! Follow up with Dr. V on October 6.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lilly's 1st Birthday!

Wow! It's so hard to believe a year has passed since my granddaughter, Lilly, was born! She started walking this past week. She has 10 teeth now and can say a few words. She is such a sweet little girl.

Jess and Ralph had a birthday party for her yesterday and invited all of the family; Feldmans, Packs, Puffenbargers, Todaros and Urbans. Wonderful food, awesome cake and lots of fun watching Lilly open her gifts! My sister and her partner even came up for the day.

We had Dixie and Jassmine overnight Saturday. Joe and Chrystal picked them up yesterday and followed us to the party. Jassie was so excited to go to Lilly's party. She drew pictures for Lilly and wrapped up a book to give her.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What do you think this is?

Your birthday? Nah, it's MY birthday! Last one before the big Five Oh!

Had a wonderful day today. We drove up to Ridgway to eat at the Lumberjack restaurant. Sat at the same table in the bar/lounge as we did last year. In fact, I ordered the same thing I had last year. The beef and bleu steak salad. So unbelievably good!

There was one waitress for the entire room and I think she did really well keeping things moving along. We even ordered dessert. Cheesecake. You would not believe the size! I expected a sliver of cheesecake but it was at least two inches thick and four inches high! In the end the owner came over to wish me happy birthday and said our desserts were free. AWESOME! We will definitely be back. Who cares if it takes three hours to drive there?

It was 103 degrees in Ridgway today. I couldn't believe it. We walked around town for about half an hour wanting to do some sight-seeing but we both just about melted. Walked to Rite Aid for something to drink and decided to go home. It took about 15 minutes for the air conditioner in the truck to actually feel like it was cooling. We were so glad when we got home and saw it was only 95 in Latrobe and 88 at home. Thankfully, the animals were all fine.

Hubs has already gone up to bed. I may sit and knit for a little while. Not sure. It was a really good day. Happy birthday, Carol. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Whazzup? Not much.

The hubs is on vacation this week. Yay! Every year he takes off the week of my birthday. Last year we took a lot of day trips one of which was a trip to Elk County to see the elk. We did see elk which was very cool but we also ended up in a little town called Ridgeway and had a fantastic lunch at a steak restaurant called Lumberjacks. We plan to go back up on Thursday, my birthday. I haven't tasted a steak salad like theirs in a year. Can't wait!

I had Jassmine and Dixie two days last week. We went over to visit Jess and Lilly twice. Jassie was so excited to get to swim there. It was great to visit with all three of my granddaughters.

Had a fox come in the yard mid-day yesterday chasing chickens. I yelled for Phil to get the shotgun and by the time he had it loaded and out the door the daRn buggar was gone! So the chickens will be penned up for the next couple of days. I had been letting them out during the day and penning them back in at night. DaRn fox knew the schedule, too. That sucker would have looked good on my wall! Next time, Mr. Fox!

Scrubbed the front porch down yesterday with soapy water and bleach mixed in. Looks good. Went to Ollies and bought new cushions for the lawn chairs. Tried to clean the old ones in the washer but they wouldn't get clean. Paid $45 or $50 each for them only a couple years ago. So disappointed. The new ones were only $15.99 each. Very happy about that!

Jess gave me a box of clothes for Dixie for me to keep at my house. They are so cute! Some Lilly had outgrown and others had been given to her and she had duplicates or couldn't use. She gave me 12 containers of formula to give to Chrystal. I kept one to keep at my house for when Dixie is here. Awesome!

Haven't felt motivated to finish that Sirdar cardi I started for Dixie. I know it's been at least four weeks since I've touched it. Partly because I've been busy with C.A.R. stuff and otherwise boredom on my part. I did pick up a quick knit this afternoon. Something quick, fun and a small gift for Lilly's upcoming birthday. Middle granddaughter is turning ONE! She is so precious. She's almost ready to walk on her own. I mentioned to Jess that Lilly's hair is getting blonde now that she's out in the sun. It's curly, too, like Jassmine's was before she cut her hair last year. What is it with kids and scissors?

Phil is out training dogs with some of his buddies. Three of them are training for the NAVHDA Invitational coming up in September in Ohio. They were doing water work at Acme Lake and field work at Rolling Rock Club.

That's about it. Just wanted to give a shout out to what's been going on in my little world. :)

P.S. Jess took the above photos except the one of Jassie running in the yard. She takes the best photographs! I point and click and that's about it. Just don't have the eye needed to be a good photographer.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Worked yesterday and when I got home, Phil was there before me. He took a half day vacation. When we sat down to lunch, he mentioned Chris and Joanna Zupo invited us to dinner. Sounds like fun to me!

We got to Gianelli's at Mountain View around 6:30 and ordered drinks. I was reading the menu when they arrived. It was so good to see them!

We met them through the NAVHDA chapter and they moved to eastern PA in June 2007. From there they moved to WI and finally came back to our area this year.

I ordered manicotti with a cup of wedding soup. No where near the soup that my sister in law MaryAnn makes! There was celery or cabbage in the soup instead of pasta. My manicotti was good and the sauce was nice. Phil had two pieces of salmon. He said it was wonderful. Chris had a bowl of spaghetti and Joanna had chicken parm.

The guys discussed training in East Palestine, OH with Matt Snyder and Jeff Lorenzini. Phil was up early to meet Chris at 5:30 and Matt at 6:15. They were supposed to get to Jeff's by 7:30. I just cannot get up that early and, really, I enjoy sleeping in.

Enjoyed having dinner out with them. Made plans to go to Cabelas with them on Sunday. Looking for something to do on the Fourth of July. I want to see a parade and then see fireworks in the evening. Haven't done that in a long while.

Mom and Dad are in Niagara Falls with Jill and Kim. Looks like they are having a great time. The photos are wonderful!

Joe, Chrystal and the kids are supposed to be camping this weekend at Douthat State Park in VA. Not sure if Ralph and Jess have plans. Will check with them to see what they're up to.

Have a load of clothes drying on the line outside. 4 1/2 yards of dress fabric drying that I can't WAIT to make a dress out of for my girls!

Got a text from my cousin Laura Ann this morning. She's selling me an American Girl Bitty Baby doll with accessories. Cool! Something for the girls to play with when they're visiting Grandma and Pappy. Pappy will say I bought it for me. giggle

I hear a hen announcing she laid an egg. It's funny how the other chickens call back to her. My Aunt Nancy, God rest her soul, would say they were validating her.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewing for my Girls

I'm spending a lot of time sewing recently and I love it!  A couple weeks ago Jassmine and I went to the fabric store to pick out fabric for a dress and shorts for her.  She loved her dress.  The shorts not so much.

I bought more fabric at Joann's a week ago and have yet to cut it out. Over the weekend I bought two more patterns off ebay and a bunch more fabric.

I'm in love with one of the patterns and really wish it came in my size.  giggle  Jassie is so much like me in that she loves frilly, feminine dresses.  She loves to twirl and dance.  Grandma not quite so much.  :)

I can't wait for the new fabric to arrive and the patterns!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I woke from a dream this morning and reached for the phone to call my daughter in law Jess to tell her she had left her birth control pills on the washer at my house and then remembered that was part of my dream and hadn't really happened.

Most of my dreams are frightening so when I wake up laughing from a dream it's a very welcome occurrence!

Phil tells me sometimes I scream or cry in my sleep.  A few months ago he told me I yelled, "Get the F**K outta here!"  He thought I was talking to him.  I remember it was a dream that someone had broken into my house and I was yelling at them to get out.  I'm sure I had a gun in my hand. 

I remember most of my dreams.  I always have.  I don't know why that most of them are scary.  I remember one from when we still lived in D.C.  I must have been four at the time.  I remember really loud sounds and I thought monsters were coming to get me.  My Aunt Nancy was in the dream with me.  She was holding my hand and we were running down the street trying to get away.  Looking back now I know that there were loud sirens going off in the D.C. area at the time due to riots.

I remember this dream when I was pregnant with my first child.  We were visiting with family in Virginia at the time and I dreamt I was being chased by a pack of wolves which were trying to get my baby.  I was fighting and fighting to keep them away.  Finally I woke up and all was well.  I was still pregnant and my baby was just fine.  Later on I found out that the name Ralph means wolf in German.  I've often wondered if I should have named him Wolf instead of Ralph.

When I was diagnosed with cancer and going through treatments I dreamt a lot about dying.  I planned out my entire funeral down to the songs I wanted sung and what to put on my stone.  Medical people told me to make my plans known and I did.  I dreamt about me lying in my casket with the pink lining.  I saw all my family and how sad they were that I was gone. My heart broke for them.  I don't dream about dying anymore.  I dream about little daily things. Life in general.  My husband and my sons and their families.  My beautiful granddaughters and how much I enjoy them. 

I dreamt that Phil and I were building a new house.  Next door was my Uncle Jack and Aunt Dot.  I went next door to talk to Uncle Jack about my house and different things he had done when he built his.  It was so funny.  I walked in his house and he had arcade game machines like old fashioned pinball games which I loved to play and also video game machines.  Everyone was sitting in this room talking and playing and just having a really good time.  I miss that.  I miss everyone getting together like we did when I was a child.  Families still enjoyed each other and wanted to spend time together.  Now no one has time.  So many things going on in everyone's lives that we don't make time to be together.  I really miss that.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Enjoying the weekend and holiday

We've had gorgeous weather this weekend!

Yesterday Phil and I drove to Warriorsmark and met up with a couple of his buddies from the Shenango NAVHDA chapter to train dogs.  It was so hot out.  Brenda L and I sat out in chairs while the guys worked the dogs.  I knitted and she read magazines.  She got tan and I got burned.  Thank goodness I was lathered up with SPF30.  Could have been worse.

I ripped out the yellow bamboo/cotton cardi I had been working on. I had asked an online friend to critique my knitting because I haven't been happy with the tension on my projects for some time.  Thankfully she noticed right off that my purling technique was incorrect and pointed me to YouTube for knitting videos.  Voila!  I'm on the right track now!  Here's a photo of the back of the cardi using Sirdar's bamboo/wool yarn.

Today Phil bought donuts and also stopped at McD's for biscuits and a Diet Coke for me.  Yum!  Saved biscuits for tomorrow's breakfast.

I washed towels this morning and have them hanging on the clothes line.  A load of white clothes in the washer to be hung up later.  Chickens are out enjoying scrounging for bugs, seeds and worms.  Ducks happily splashing in their turtle pool and goats fussing at me to be fed.  :)  Phil took Bella, Elsa and Leja to swim and do water work at the lake.

My sister and her family are north of Pittsburgh camping this weekend.  I'm enjoying the pics she's sharing on FB.  Haven't heard from my boys although Ralph did stop over yesterday for eggs.  Mom, Dad and my bro are in WV visiting with family.  Sure do wish I was there, too!

Monday, May 23, 2011


How many of my blog entries have been about knitting?  HA HA!!  Yes, I started yet another lace knitting project for my granddaughters.  Oh joy!  I've almost gotten through the back section of a cardi for Dixie-Lee.  I have the project up at Ravelry.  I guess it's just me but I seem to be having a difficult time maintaining tension with size 4 needles and bamboo/cotton yarn.  And, quite frankly, I'm not pleased with the way it's knitting up.  The yarn is soooooo soft so "it" can't be the problem!  So, what is MY problem and, more importantly, how do I correct it?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dog Day

Phil had a dog handler's clinic today and I tagged along.  We got up at 4:45 a.m. (EEK!) and got home about 6:15 p.m.  What an incredibly long day.  Gorgeous day but long.  There were 15 people attending the clinic which was being taught by NAVHDA senior judge Al Harmeyer.  They did class work and field work.  Phil said it was very interesting and that Al was an excellent teacher.

Joanna handled two of her dogs in the AKC Master Hunter test today while Chris was at the handler's clinic.  Ranger passed while T.C. did not.  It was nice to see her arrive with an orange ribbon!  Being a handler is a lot of work!
To keep myself busy today I started on a summer cardigan for Dixie-Lee.  The yarn is a bamboo-cotton blend in a very light yellow.  I love the color and the yarn is so soft.  Just hoping by the time I finish it she still fits in it.

We watched Doctor Who tonight.  It was part 1 of 2 and I thought it was just awful.  There have not been very many episodes that I actually have not liked.

When we got in this evening I sat on the porch relaxing and knitting.  Phil got his hunting gear together and went turkey hunting out back of the house.  He heard a gobbler but none came in.  I got bit up by skeeters on top of the sunburn from today.

Phil's asleep already and I'm headed there.  'Night!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a Fantabulous Weekend!

Had a great visit with my parents this past weekend.  They were in for Jassmine's 4th birthday party.  Attended the birthday on Saturday then got up early on Sunday and went to breakfast with Ralph, Jess and Lilly.  Joe and Chrystal were out four wheeling. Afterwards, Phil took me and Mom home and then he went out to the trap range while Ralph and Dad went fishing at Greenlick Dam.  When Phil got back in he caught up with Dad and Ralph while Mom and I went to my Children of the American Revolution society meeting.  When we got back in I fixed pork chops, rice pilaf with almonds, brussell sprouts and corn for dinner.  Ralph, Jess and Lilly also joined us.  Mom and Dad left early Monday morning and I pouted the rest of the day.  :(

Monday was the dreaded beagle club meeting.  I always leave there with my blood pressure up and wanting a stiff drink when I get home.  Tuesday I worked at the office all day.  Invited Joe, Chrystal and the kids over for spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  The kids were so good.

Yesterday was nice because I could sleep in.  :)  Phil called later to let me know he took my truck to work because the Jeep wouldn't start.  Ugg.  I had it towed to the mechanic and am waiting today to hear back from him.  Wondering if it's the same thing as back in January.  Some of the wires had corroded and the wiring harness was replaced.  I'd like to get rid of it even though it's only 2 1/2 years old.  There have been so many things that have gone wrong with it plus it has over 100,000 miles on it.  If we traded it in we wouldn't get much of a trade because we still owe on it.  What to do?

Looks like the guys will be over next week to finish up on the kennel building.  We are looking forward to the day it's finally finished!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's Up

Enjoying life.  Enjoying working from home.  :) 

I sewed all day on Thursday.  I made a dress and bloomers set for Lilly.  Here is the pattern
Jess and Ralph loved it.  Yay!  It's an 18-24 month size and looked to be a bit large for Lilly but she'll grow into it.  I have fabric set aside to start on outfits for Dixie-Lee and Jassie.
Mom and Dad are up.  They came in yesterday morning.  Called me at 8:30 and woke me up.  Said they were in Meyersdale and would be getting in around 10.  I sprang up out of bed and started trying to pick up the house!  Managed to get a load of clothes hung up on the line, put in another load in the washer, put dishes into the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen and did a general pick up before they got here.
Mom and I left around noon.  Stopped at Ollie's then over to Tractor Supply, then grocery shopping at Giant Eagle.  Used my 13% foodperks along with coupons and saved $40 on my grocery bill!
When Phil got in from work he and Dad were going to go fishing but it was storming.  We ended up watching some tv.  We went to bed around 11:30 and I tried to sleep but kept tossing and turning.  Had restless legs.  Ended up getting the laptop out and sitting in bed until 3 when I finally was able to sleep.
Phil and Dad went fishing this morning but the only thing they caught was a 30 lb snapping turtle.  They came back home as Ralph, Jess and Lilly were getting here.  At 1:30 we left the house for Joe and Chrystal's to celebrate Jassie's fourth birthday.  It was a nice cookout and Jassie received a lot of gifts. 
Chucky and Dixie-Lee both have bad colds.  Poor Dixie, I don't know how she can drink a bottle right now.  Hopefully it will pass soon.
Stopped at Tractor Supply on the way home.  I forgot chick feed for Phil's quail yesterday when I bought feed.  Getting out of the car at home I looked at the gravel and there was a baby snake about six inches long.  Dad and I thought it was probably at copperhead.  I had Phil pick it up and move it because I was afraid it would get stepped on or run over.
Pouring the rain again.  Phil planted the pink dogwood tree I bought yesterday and also peony tubers, and a grape vine.  The peach tree he planted for me a couple weeks ago is doing really well.  I wonder how long it takes fruit trees to bear fruit?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Knitting and Sewing

For the past two years I've been sewing and knitting, first for Jassmine, and then for Lilly and Dixie-Lee as they've come along.  I took a month off from knitting because I was bored.  I love starting projects but I tend to get bored and if it's not a quick knit I end up putting it away and before I know it the intended recipient has outgrown it!

I came across a really special blog yesterday called Little Home Blessings.  At first I was looking for free knitting patterns and happened on by but I ended up spending three hours reading her blog.  I was in awe with her accomplishments as a mother, a teacher, a knitter and a seamstress.  Today I decided to get out my container of sewing patterns and look for a project for the girls.  I opened the box of fabric my cousin Linda Ruth sent me and found two pieces of fabric to match with yardage I had.  I rewashed the fabric and can't wait to start cutting it out tomorrow!  After this outfit is finished I'll have two more to do.  Can't make something for one granddaughter without making something for the others.

I managed to do laundry today and the weather was so nice that I was able to hang out two loads of clothes on the line.  I'm hoping we have more of the same tomorrow because there's at least two more loads to do.

I turned the furnace off today.  It felt so good to be able to do that.  The propane tank was filled up three times since December and each delivery was over $1,000.

Mom and Dad are coming up this weekend for Jassmine's fourth birthday.  She was only four months old when we found out I had Colon Cancer.  God blessed us and granted a miracle by taking away my cancer.  I thank him every day for my life.  I am overjoyed to have three beautiful and healthy granddaughters, two wonderful sons and daughters in law, my kind and loving husband, a great mother in law and two energetic parents who make me feel old!

God is good.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Up for a Change

I thought it was time for my blog to get a change!  I like this template.  It reminds me of summer which I'm hoping arrives soon.

Last week I traveled to Gettysburg for state conference.  Had a very nice time.  Actually, I felt it was the best state conference I've ever attended.  The first day there the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we toured the Battlefield.  I took lots of photos which I uploaded to my FB page and today had 25 of the 158 printed off from

I came back with a head cold; thankfully, I had made an appointment with Dr. W two weeks ago.  My visit with him went well but he thought he heard fluid in the left lung and thought it best to give me a scrip for a z-pak and cough syrup.  The cough syrup contains codeine so I've been sleeping an awful lot this week.

I babysat Lilly on Monday morning for Jess who had a doctor's appointment.  Lilly was just fine until she figured out that mommy had left.  I felt so bad and felt like crying right along with Lilly.  Poor thing.  She wanted held then she didn't want held.  She crawled all over the house looking for mommy.  My heart was breaking.  I was just as happy as Lilly when Jess walked in the door!  Love to see that baby smile!

On Wednesday, after my visit with Dr. W, I stopped by to see Chrystal and the kids, and to pick up the pies I ordered through Shelby's school.  Jassie was gone with her Mimi, Chucky and Shelby were at school.  It was just me, Chrystal and Dixie-Lee.  I stayed about an hour and then went home.  I made sure to wash my hands and didn't kiss either of the babies this week since I'm sick.

Just got a phone call from Joe Plues asking me to type up the results of Franklin Township Beagle Club's license field trial results from last week and post them to the Brace Beagling website.  Will have to check with Larry Lee on how to do that.  I haven't worked on field trial results since 2007.  I was the secretary/treasurer and website designer for the American Brace Beagling Association (ABBA) which I helped start in 2005.  I had to give that up including going to field trials and running beagles after my cancer diagnosis.

It's 5 p.m.  Phil should be leaving work soon.  Easter dinner at Phil's mom's house.  Ralph and Jess will be at her parents and Joe and Chrystal will probably have dinner at their house with Chrystal's extended family.  I miss having holiday dinners at our house with the boys and their families.  I have to learn to share.  :)

Oooh, forgot to mention this.  I wrote an email to the United Daughters of the Confederacy on Monday asking for an invitation to join.  I received a reply back from the Philadelphia Chapter on Tuesday and a letter from the UDC Headquarters on Wednesday.  Very interesting.  The Philadelphia Chapter actually meets in NJ which is too far for me to travel for meetings.  I'm thinking I'd rather join a WV chapter.  Possibly I could join there and then find enough ladies up here interested in starting a local chapter.

Phil called.  He's on his way home.  Other than the rain, this should be a nice weekend!

Happy Easter everyone!  Remember that our Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again the third day.  This is what Easter is about.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Six Months

Today was my six month checkup with Dr. V at the cancer center.  I was in and out this time.  Yay!  See you in another six months.  Will plan on a PET scan at the end of September and blood work the week before the next visit which is, I think, October 6.  September will be my four year cancerversary.

Left there and went to visit with Jess and granddaughter #2, Miss Lilly.  Yesterday was my visit with granddaughter #1 and #3; Jassmine and Dixie-Lee!  I am one happy grandma.  :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crazy Weather!

What is with this crazy weather?  It snowed on Saturday and Sunday then Monday was in the middle 70s during the day but by late afternoon a storm blew in complete with hail, rain and wind.  This morning I woke up to snow again and then it rained most of the day.  BOO!  I just don't understand what's going on with the weather.

After work yesterday I stopped by to see Lilly, Jess and Ralph.  They had a baby stroller for me to keep at our house for when the girls come over.  When I walked in the door Lilly was on the floor crawling inch by inch across the carpet.  That was such a cool experience!

While I was fixing dinner last night I happened by the front door only to notice we had water coming in along the logs above the door.  It was a steady stream of water.  I thought it was because it was such a heavy rain.  Today I noticed the water was still coming in.  Phil had me call our insurance agent to start a claim.  I have no idea how one would go about finding the source of the leak.  I mean, I know the source is water, but I don't know where it's coming in at.  I really hope it doesn't cause the logs to swell or cause mold.

I worked in the office yesterday.  I managed to get all of the invoices filed but need to spend a day filing work tickets.  Lots to do.  Today was laundry day.  It's amazing and overwhelming that two people can go through so many clothes!  Actually, I should have said it was unbelievable.

Stopping by the DAR house tomorrow to finish up with Lilly's C.A.R. application papers.  I'd like to get Jassmine and Dixie-Lee's done, as well.  In fact, after I'm done there I'll check to see if Chrystal and the girls will be home and stop by.

Time for bed.  I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today was Not a Gorgeous Day.

Alas, this week has been back to winter weather and today it snowed.  Blech!  Soooooo tired of winter!  I want nice spring weather or jump right into summer, if possible!

I worked in the office today.  Lots of filing to do.  I got caught up on 2010 vendor filing but haven't started on 2011 yet nor have I been able to get the 2010 customer work tickets filed.  I like working from home but I still need to go into the office at least once a week to maintain the files.

I found out this evening that my granddaughter, Jassmine, had her ears pierced today!  Chrystal said she didn't even cry.  What a big girl!  I was 12 when I had my ears pierced and I cried.  I remember after the first ear was done I didn't want to do the other one because it hurt so bad.  I'm really proud of Jassie for being such a big girl!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gorgeous Day

Today was such a gorgeous day, high of 77 degrees in Greensburg, that I decided to visit with Jess and Lilly.

I finished the knitted sweater and hat project I had been working on for Lilly and wanted to give it to her.  The yarn and pattern are by Sirdar.  I used Sirdar's Baby Bamboo DK Yarn (80% bamboo and 20% merino wool) in rinky dink.  I thought it had cotton in it but it doesn't.  This is just about the softest yarn I've ever worked with.  I love it.

I started on a sweater and hat set for Dixie-Lee yesterday.  I'm using Sirdar's Baby Bamboo DK Yarn in willow.    It's a very light colored green which I also used as an accent color in Lilly's sweater above.  Lilly's sweater was size 12-18 months and is a little large but she will grow into it.  I'm making Dixie-Lee's in size 6 months; hopefully, it will not be too large.  Lilly weighs 20 lbs at 8 months) while Dixie-Lee is 12 lbs at almost 3 months.

After this project is finished, I've got to start something for Jassmine!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life, in General

I really hate this Daylight Savings Time.  Always have.  Never understood the reasoning for keeping it around after World War II.  I find getting up when it's still dark out and going to bed when it's still light outside quite a contradiction in terms as I'm sure most people do.

Today was errands day.  I had to go to the bank, stop at the cancer center to get bloodwork drawn, and go to Sam's Club to pick up dog food. 

Blood draw went fine and one of my nurses, Sarah, stopped over to see me.  Said she heard me laughing.  :)  She looked great.  Expecting her second baby soon.  I think I'll be knitting something blue very soon.  Enjoyed visiting with Krystal, Christina and Dana while I was there.

I need egg cartons.  The girls have finally seen the light, literally, and I have more eggs than I can manage.  I hate giving them away because feed is so expensive now.

I'm thinking of selling Pepper at the livestock auction.  Randy said goats are going for $1 a pound which would get me about $150.  I could buy a bunch of little goats and feed them on what Pepper eats.  And then there's the selfishness he has with Jenny.  He pushes her out of the way so he can eat all the food.  If he wasn't a goat I'd think he was a pig.

Colonoscopy next week.  I don't dread the procedure because that's the easy part.  You're asleep.  haha  The prep is gagalicious.  Thank God I don't have to do the gallon GoLytely solution.  Two Bismodyl pills and Half-Lytely.  Be glad to have this one done and hear the doctor say I don't have to come back for another two years!  I need to schedule Phil's next.  I don't know how he will get through the prep and go an entire day without eating.  He gets sick if he doesn't eat every couple of hours.

It's almost 2 a.m.  I'd better turn in before it's time for him to get up for work.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cancer Survivor

Wikipedia describes a Cancer Survivor as an individual with cancer of any type, current or past, who is still living.  About 11 million Americans alive today, one in 30 people, are either currently undergoing treatment for cancer or have done so in the past. Currently nearly 65% of persons diagnosed with cancer are expected to live at least five years after the cancer is discovered.

That's wonderful news to me; not that one in 30 people get cancer but the fact that 65 percent continue to live at least five years past diagnosis! That's a whole lotta people who continue to have hope and faith that they will survive, and continue to fight with all the strength they have. Me, included!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

The hubs took a half day from work today to come home and spend with me.  I am so spoiled!  giggle

We watched a little t.v. together and, while I finished watching an episode of The Closer, he went to feed animals.  When he came back in, we left to grab something for dinner.

I wasn't sure where I wanted to eat.  We spend way too much money eating out when I could fix something halfway decent and edible at home.  We decided it was going to be Smokey Bones tonight.

It was a nice meal and we had a very good waitress which surprised me.  Lately, every place that we've eaten has given us a waitress who seemed to not have much going on between the ears.  I couldn't say that about this young woman.  She was polite, friendly and offered suggestions on meal choices plus brought drink refills every so often without having to be reminded.  It was very enjoyable.

I told Phil I wanted to see the movie Red Riding Hood.  I knew it wasn't going to be the fairy tale that I remembered from childhood.  This was supposed to be a dark version.  I was looking forward to a movie with a little bit of gore and suspense.  The end I didn't see coming which was a relief for me because I can usually tell you in the first 10 minutes who-dun-it.  I enjoyed the movie even if the movie critics did not.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Saturday morning Phil got up really early to meet his brother, Dave, in Ligonier. They were going to Warriorsmark for the Continental Pheasant Hunt.  They had an awesome time and Dave said that Opal outperformed her mother, Bella, on points and retrieves.  They each brought home six birds.

I enjoyed my Saturday by staying in bed and knitting combined with a little computer time looking at emails.  Phil came home about 4:00 then went out to Dairy Queen and brought us both home salads and ice cream.  Yum!

Sunday morning we had scheduled to meet Ralph, Jess and Lilly at Dino's Sports Bar in Greensburg next to Gander Mountain at 11:30 only to find out when we got there that it didn't open up until noon.  Boo.  We drove over to Texas Roadhouse and had a great lunch.  Lilly was SO good.  She had just woken up from a nap and was all smiles.  She warmed up to us and waved throughout the meal, looking around occasionally checking out the people who were sitting nearby.

After lunch we went over to Target to shop for baby supplies.  Jassie had called Friday night asking if she could come over.  I spoke with Chrystal and we were going to have Jassie and Dixie-Lee.  We picked up diapers, formula, baby wipes, Desitin (just in case), baby bath and baby lotion.  Then we drove over to pick up the girls.

The first thing we did, after arriving at our house, was give the girls a bath.  It was the first thing Jassie wanted to do.  She likes the big garden tub in our bedroom.  I fill it up with baby bath to make bubbles and she puts her Barbies in with her.  This time in addition to Barbies baby Dixie-Lee joined her.  I had an awful time bending over the bathtub trying to hold the baby from going under the water.  Next time we're going to bath her in the smaller tub downstairs!

After bath time we watched tv for a bit and had popcorn.  Then it was time for dinner.  I reheated rigatoni in meat sauce.  Jassie kept asking for more but the three of us finished off what I had so she made herself a butter sandwich.  We played on the couch and I knitted while the baby slept in the back room.  Jassie kept going back to check on her.

The baby was fine.  She had three bottles and three diaper changes and seemed to be perfectly content with either me holding her or Pappy holding her although Pappy let her slip onto the couch once because he wasn't holding tight enough.  I told him he's going to have to work on that.  After playing Barbies and getting out the Lego blocks and building stuff, Jassie said, "Grandma, I think Dixie wants to go home to her mommy.  You should call mommy to come get her."  I am pretty sure it was Jassmine who wanted to go home and not Dixie-Lee!  So, Chrystal and Joe had to drive all the way up to our house to pick up the girls.  So much for giving them a night off!

Phil called today and told me he thought Jassie was pretty well behaved yesterday.  That's a plus.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Colon Cancer Awareness

Here it comes again!  The time of the year where I can get up on my soapbox and talk about cancer without people's eyes rolling back in their heads.  After a while people tune you out.  They want to hear uplifting stories.  Stories about cancer aren't usually uplifting.  People think cancer equals death but that's not always the case.

Today was "Dress in Blue" day to raise awareness for Colon Cancer.  It was also the day my sister went in for a colonoscopy.

Colon Cancer runs in our family.  Mom's youngest sister died from it in 1983 at the very young age of 29.  I was diagnosed Stage III three and a half years ago.  My sister had a hemicolectomy a year ago in February.  The surgery was supposed to lessen her risk of getting Colon Cancer.  Even after that, she still has to have a colonoscopy every year just to make sure there's nothing wrong.

It's been two years since my last colonoscopy.  It's scheduled for March 24 so it's fast approaching.  I don't dread it as much as I used to.  When you're first diagnosed with cancer every procedure and doctor appointment is earth shattering because you're wondering, constantly, about the WHAT IF's.  What if this should happen?  What if we have to do this procedure?  What if it comes back?  What if they find something new?

The other day I called to schedule my PET scan before my appointment with the oncologist on April 7.  Turns out that I don't need to schedule one!  My last three scans have been clear so my oncologist wants only blood work and we'll see how it looks and go from there.

So, here comes the preaching again ... if you are near the age of 50, or have a history of Colon Cancer in your family, or are experiencing ANY type of bowel problems or pain, get thee to a doctor quick!  If the doctor tells you that you're too young for Colon Cancer let him/her know that the youngest diagnosed person with Colon Cancer was a 12 year old child.  Colon Cancer doesn't discriminate based on sex, race, age or any of the other bunk you have have heard!  It is treatable and preventable!  Get it scheduled and have it done.  Tell your doctor that Carol sent you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Appointments Coming Up

Can you believe it's been two years since my last colonoscopy?   When I made this appointment I didn't know what the future held for me and sometimes wondered if I'd even live this long but here I am.  I'm still here.  So, it's scheduled for March 24.  I have another appointment scheduled with Dr. Viverette on April 7 and somewhere in the middle of those dates I need to get a PET scan and have bloodwork drawn.

My last three PET scans have all been clear and my CEA has stayed at 0.3.  Just praying all is still good.

Monday, January 24, 2011

How Does One Blog About a Friend's Passing?

I met Daria online through another friend's blog almost two years ago.  We connected through cancer even though hers was Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer and mine was Stage III Colon Cancer.  She had been through a long battle but managed to stay positive.  She was still in treatment up until a short while ago.  In fact, she posted to her blog a few days ago. 

I was surprised when her husband blogged to let us know she wouldn't be posting any more but kept us updated through the trip to the hospital and then after her passing.  She was an inspiration to many and a friend to all.  You will be missed, Daria.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Newest Granddaughter is 10 Days Old!

Our newest granddaughter, Dixie-Lee Sue Puffenbarger, was born on January 3, 2011 at 8:36 a.m.  She weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and was 19 inches long.  She has dark hair and looks to have blue eyes.  She looks a lot like her sister Jassmine.  I have a lot of photos up on my Facebook site.

We had a good Christmas this year.  We had our annual Christmas eve dinner at Phil's mother's house on Sunday, December 19.  It was a really good time.  Christmas day we went to Dave and MaryAnn's for dinner, then Ralph and Joe and their families came over the day after Christmas for dinner.  I cooked a 21 lb turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, green bean casserole, and sweet potatoes.  I even surprised myself!

Phil and I are both getting over colds.  Mine has been lingering for three weeks now.

Puppies are doing well.  I had Leja and Reba upstairs tonight for an hour.  Boy, they were wild but it was fun to play with them!

Finally, we have our Peggy Shaw Society C.A.R. up and running.  Our first meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 23.

It's Master Questionnaire time at DAR.  Chapters all over the country and in other countries are filling out the MQ.  In addition, state chairmen and state officers plus national chairmen and national officers export what's in the MQ and incorporate into state and national reports.  I finally received my access code so that I can export info for my state report.  In turn, that also gets sent in to national.

I started a new sweater for Lilly last night.  I love the yarn.  It's Baby Ull by Dale Yarns.  100% wool.  It's so soft!  Bought it off eBay.

That's about it.  I'm getting tired so it's time to head to bed.  Take care!