Friday, April 22, 2011

Up for a Change

I thought it was time for my blog to get a change!  I like this template.  It reminds me of summer which I'm hoping arrives soon.

Last week I traveled to Gettysburg for state conference.  Had a very nice time.  Actually, I felt it was the best state conference I've ever attended.  The first day there the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we toured the Battlefield.  I took lots of photos which I uploaded to my FB page and today had 25 of the 158 printed off from

I came back with a head cold; thankfully, I had made an appointment with Dr. W two weeks ago.  My visit with him went well but he thought he heard fluid in the left lung and thought it best to give me a scrip for a z-pak and cough syrup.  The cough syrup contains codeine so I've been sleeping an awful lot this week.

I babysat Lilly on Monday morning for Jess who had a doctor's appointment.  Lilly was just fine until she figured out that mommy had left.  I felt so bad and felt like crying right along with Lilly.  Poor thing.  She wanted held then she didn't want held.  She crawled all over the house looking for mommy.  My heart was breaking.  I was just as happy as Lilly when Jess walked in the door!  Love to see that baby smile!

On Wednesday, after my visit with Dr. W, I stopped by to see Chrystal and the kids, and to pick up the pies I ordered through Shelby's school.  Jassie was gone with her Mimi, Chucky and Shelby were at school.  It was just me, Chrystal and Dixie-Lee.  I stayed about an hour and then went home.  I made sure to wash my hands and didn't kiss either of the babies this week since I'm sick.

Just got a phone call from Joe Plues asking me to type up the results of Franklin Township Beagle Club's license field trial results from last week and post them to the Brace Beagling website.  Will have to check with Larry Lee on how to do that.  I haven't worked on field trial results since 2007.  I was the secretary/treasurer and website designer for the American Brace Beagling Association (ABBA) which I helped start in 2005.  I had to give that up including going to field trials and running beagles after my cancer diagnosis.

It's 5 p.m.  Phil should be leaving work soon.  Easter dinner at Phil's mom's house.  Ralph and Jess will be at her parents and Joe and Chrystal will probably have dinner at their house with Chrystal's extended family.  I miss having holiday dinners at our house with the boys and their families.  I have to learn to share.  :)

Oooh, forgot to mention this.  I wrote an email to the United Daughters of the Confederacy on Monday asking for an invitation to join.  I received a reply back from the Philadelphia Chapter on Tuesday and a letter from the UDC Headquarters on Wednesday.  Very interesting.  The Philadelphia Chapter actually meets in NJ which is too far for me to travel for meetings.  I'm thinking I'd rather join a WV chapter.  Possibly I could join there and then find enough ladies up here interested in starting a local chapter.

Phil called.  He's on his way home.  Other than the rain, this should be a nice weekend!

Happy Easter everyone!  Remember that our Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again the third day.  This is what Easter is about.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Six Months

Today was my six month checkup with Dr. V at the cancer center.  I was in and out this time.  Yay!  See you in another six months.  Will plan on a PET scan at the end of September and blood work the week before the next visit which is, I think, October 6.  September will be my four year cancerversary.

Left there and went to visit with Jess and granddaughter #2, Miss Lilly.  Yesterday was my visit with granddaughter #1 and #3; Jassmine and Dixie-Lee!  I am one happy grandma.  :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crazy Weather!

What is with this crazy weather?  It snowed on Saturday and Sunday then Monday was in the middle 70s during the day but by late afternoon a storm blew in complete with hail, rain and wind.  This morning I woke up to snow again and then it rained most of the day.  BOO!  I just don't understand what's going on with the weather.

After work yesterday I stopped by to see Lilly, Jess and Ralph.  They had a baby stroller for me to keep at our house for when the girls come over.  When I walked in the door Lilly was on the floor crawling inch by inch across the carpet.  That was such a cool experience!

While I was fixing dinner last night I happened by the front door only to notice we had water coming in along the logs above the door.  It was a steady stream of water.  I thought it was because it was such a heavy rain.  Today I noticed the water was still coming in.  Phil had me call our insurance agent to start a claim.  I have no idea how one would go about finding the source of the leak.  I mean, I know the source is water, but I don't know where it's coming in at.  I really hope it doesn't cause the logs to swell or cause mold.

I worked in the office yesterday.  I managed to get all of the invoices filed but need to spend a day filing work tickets.  Lots to do.  Today was laundry day.  It's amazing and overwhelming that two people can go through so many clothes!  Actually, I should have said it was unbelievable.

Stopping by the DAR house tomorrow to finish up with Lilly's C.A.R. application papers.  I'd like to get Jassmine and Dixie-Lee's done, as well.  In fact, after I'm done there I'll check to see if Chrystal and the girls will be home and stop by.

Time for bed.  I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.