Monday, May 30, 2011

Enjoying the weekend and holiday

We've had gorgeous weather this weekend!

Yesterday Phil and I drove to Warriorsmark and met up with a couple of his buddies from the Shenango NAVHDA chapter to train dogs.  It was so hot out.  Brenda L and I sat out in chairs while the guys worked the dogs.  I knitted and she read magazines.  She got tan and I got burned.  Thank goodness I was lathered up with SPF30.  Could have been worse.

I ripped out the yellow bamboo/cotton cardi I had been working on. I had asked an online friend to critique my knitting because I haven't been happy with the tension on my projects for some time.  Thankfully she noticed right off that my purling technique was incorrect and pointed me to YouTube for knitting videos.  Voila!  I'm on the right track now!  Here's a photo of the back of the cardi using Sirdar's bamboo/wool yarn.

Today Phil bought donuts and also stopped at McD's for biscuits and a Diet Coke for me.  Yum!  Saved biscuits for tomorrow's breakfast.

I washed towels this morning and have them hanging on the clothes line.  A load of white clothes in the washer to be hung up later.  Chickens are out enjoying scrounging for bugs, seeds and worms.  Ducks happily splashing in their turtle pool and goats fussing at me to be fed.  :)  Phil took Bella, Elsa and Leja to swim and do water work at the lake.

My sister and her family are north of Pittsburgh camping this weekend.  I'm enjoying the pics she's sharing on FB.  Haven't heard from my boys although Ralph did stop over yesterday for eggs.  Mom, Dad and my bro are in WV visiting with family.  Sure do wish I was there, too!

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