Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Knitting and Sewing

For the past two years I've been sewing and knitting, first for Jassmine, and then for Lilly and Dixie-Lee as they've come along.  I took a month off from knitting because I was bored.  I love starting projects but I tend to get bored and if it's not a quick knit I end up putting it away and before I know it the intended recipient has outgrown it!

I came across a really special blog yesterday called Little Home Blessings.  At first I was looking for free knitting patterns and happened on by but I ended up spending three hours reading her blog.  I was in awe with her accomplishments as a mother, a teacher, a knitter and a seamstress.  Today I decided to get out my container of sewing patterns and look for a project for the girls.  I opened the box of fabric my cousin Linda Ruth sent me and found two pieces of fabric to match with yardage I had.  I rewashed the fabric and can't wait to start cutting it out tomorrow!  After this outfit is finished I'll have two more to do.  Can't make something for one granddaughter without making something for the others.

I managed to do laundry today and the weather was so nice that I was able to hang out two loads of clothes on the line.  I'm hoping we have more of the same tomorrow because there's at least two more loads to do.

I turned the furnace off today.  It felt so good to be able to do that.  The propane tank was filled up three times since December and each delivery was over $1,000.

Mom and Dad are coming up this weekend for Jassmine's fourth birthday.  She was only four months old when we found out I had Colon Cancer.  God blessed us and granted a miracle by taking away my cancer.  I thank him every day for my life.  I am overjoyed to have three beautiful and healthy granddaughters, two wonderful sons and daughters in law, my kind and loving husband, a great mother in law and two energetic parents who make me feel old!

God is good.

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