Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's Up

Enjoying life.  Enjoying working from home.  :) 

I sewed all day on Thursday.  I made a dress and bloomers set for Lilly.  Here is the pattern
Jess and Ralph loved it.  Yay!  It's an 18-24 month size and looked to be a bit large for Lilly but she'll grow into it.  I have fabric set aside to start on outfits for Dixie-Lee and Jassie.
Mom and Dad are up.  They came in yesterday morning.  Called me at 8:30 and woke me up.  Said they were in Meyersdale and would be getting in around 10.  I sprang up out of bed and started trying to pick up the house!  Managed to get a load of clothes hung up on the line, put in another load in the washer, put dishes into the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen and did a general pick up before they got here.
Mom and I left around noon.  Stopped at Ollie's then over to Tractor Supply, then grocery shopping at Giant Eagle.  Used my 13% foodperks along with coupons and saved $40 on my grocery bill!
When Phil got in from work he and Dad were going to go fishing but it was storming.  We ended up watching some tv.  We went to bed around 11:30 and I tried to sleep but kept tossing and turning.  Had restless legs.  Ended up getting the laptop out and sitting in bed until 3 when I finally was able to sleep.
Phil and Dad went fishing this morning but the only thing they caught was a 30 lb snapping turtle.  They came back home as Ralph, Jess and Lilly were getting here.  At 1:30 we left the house for Joe and Chrystal's to celebrate Jassie's fourth birthday.  It was a nice cookout and Jassie received a lot of gifts. 
Chucky and Dixie-Lee both have bad colds.  Poor Dixie, I don't know how she can drink a bottle right now.  Hopefully it will pass soon.
Stopped at Tractor Supply on the way home.  I forgot chick feed for Phil's quail yesterday when I bought feed.  Getting out of the car at home I looked at the gravel and there was a baby snake about six inches long.  Dad and I thought it was probably at copperhead.  I had Phil pick it up and move it because I was afraid it would get stepped on or run over.
Pouring the rain again.  Phil planted the pink dogwood tree I bought yesterday and also peony tubers, and a grape vine.  The peach tree he planted for me a couple weeks ago is doing really well.  I wonder how long it takes fruit trees to bear fruit?


Allie said...

that little dress is so sweet! I bet Lilly will be such a doll dressed up in it.

As for your fruit tree, when it comes to fruit you can expect about a years wait to harvest anything. I planted my peach tree last year and I'm getting my first little peach buds on it now.

Carol Pack Urban said...

Cool! We also have an apple which fruited the first year we had it but not since. I'd like to move it to an area not so wet. When would be a good time to move it?