Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewing for my Girls

I'm spending a lot of time sewing recently and I love it!  A couple weeks ago Jassmine and I went to the fabric store to pick out fabric for a dress and shorts for her.  She loved her dress.  The shorts not so much.

I bought more fabric at Joann's a week ago and have yet to cut it out. Over the weekend I bought two more patterns off ebay and a bunch more fabric.

I'm in love with one of the patterns and really wish it came in my size.  giggle  Jassie is so much like me in that she loves frilly, feminine dresses.  She loves to twirl and dance.  Grandma not quite so much.  :)

I can't wait for the new fabric to arrive and the patterns!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I woke from a dream this morning and reached for the phone to call my daughter in law Jess to tell her she had left her birth control pills on the washer at my house and then remembered that was part of my dream and hadn't really happened.

Most of my dreams are frightening so when I wake up laughing from a dream it's a very welcome occurrence!

Phil tells me sometimes I scream or cry in my sleep.  A few months ago he told me I yelled, "Get the F**K outta here!"  He thought I was talking to him.  I remember it was a dream that someone had broken into my house and I was yelling at them to get out.  I'm sure I had a gun in my hand. 

I remember most of my dreams.  I always have.  I don't know why that most of them are scary.  I remember one from when we still lived in D.C.  I must have been four at the time.  I remember really loud sounds and I thought monsters were coming to get me.  My Aunt Nancy was in the dream with me.  She was holding my hand and we were running down the street trying to get away.  Looking back now I know that there were loud sirens going off in the D.C. area at the time due to riots.

I remember this dream when I was pregnant with my first child.  We were visiting with family in Virginia at the time and I dreamt I was being chased by a pack of wolves which were trying to get my baby.  I was fighting and fighting to keep them away.  Finally I woke up and all was well.  I was still pregnant and my baby was just fine.  Later on I found out that the name Ralph means wolf in German.  I've often wondered if I should have named him Wolf instead of Ralph.

When I was diagnosed with cancer and going through treatments I dreamt a lot about dying.  I planned out my entire funeral down to the songs I wanted sung and what to put on my stone.  Medical people told me to make my plans known and I did.  I dreamt about me lying in my casket with the pink lining.  I saw all my family and how sad they were that I was gone. My heart broke for them.  I don't dream about dying anymore.  I dream about little daily things. Life in general.  My husband and my sons and their families.  My beautiful granddaughters and how much I enjoy them. 

I dreamt that Phil and I were building a new house.  Next door was my Uncle Jack and Aunt Dot.  I went next door to talk to Uncle Jack about my house and different things he had done when he built his.  It was so funny.  I walked in his house and he had arcade game machines like old fashioned pinball games which I loved to play and also video game machines.  Everyone was sitting in this room talking and playing and just having a really good time.  I miss that.  I miss everyone getting together like we did when I was a child.  Families still enjoyed each other and wanted to spend time together.  Now no one has time.  So many things going on in everyone's lives that we don't make time to be together.  I really miss that.