Thursday, July 21, 2011

What do you think this is?

Your birthday? Nah, it's MY birthday! Last one before the big Five Oh!

Had a wonderful day today. We drove up to Ridgway to eat at the Lumberjack restaurant. Sat at the same table in the bar/lounge as we did last year. In fact, I ordered the same thing I had last year. The beef and bleu steak salad. So unbelievably good!

There was one waitress for the entire room and I think she did really well keeping things moving along. We even ordered dessert. Cheesecake. You would not believe the size! I expected a sliver of cheesecake but it was at least two inches thick and four inches high! In the end the owner came over to wish me happy birthday and said our desserts were free. AWESOME! We will definitely be back. Who cares if it takes three hours to drive there?

It was 103 degrees in Ridgway today. I couldn't believe it. We walked around town for about half an hour wanting to do some sight-seeing but we both just about melted. Walked to Rite Aid for something to drink and decided to go home. It took about 15 minutes for the air conditioner in the truck to actually feel like it was cooling. We were so glad when we got home and saw it was only 95 in Latrobe and 88 at home. Thankfully, the animals were all fine.

Hubs has already gone up to bed. I may sit and knit for a little while. Not sure. It was a really good day. Happy birthday, Carol. :)

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