Thursday, August 25, 2011

In a few minutes it'll be Thursday

I had the clock set for 7:45 this morning and slept right through it. One eye opened and looked at the clock at 9:35. One thought crossed my mind and that was that Rosalind would be so mad at me if I didn't show up to help her at the chapter house! I knew I couldn't let her down so I finally slid off the edge of the bed and crawled into the bathroom.

I ran around the house putting paperwork in my DAR bag to take with me. I brought the dogs back inside and loaded everything in my truck including some things I wanted to take to Joe. Then I remembered I hadn't washed my hands after bringing the dogs back in and Reno slobbered on me. Ugg. That was so gross. Back inside, I ran upstairs to wash my hands and then back downstairs and, locking the door behind me, I slammed it closed.

I walked over to the truck and climbed in, looked at the ignition and screamed NO! I left the keys inside the house. No keys to the truck and no keys to the house. Dagnabbit! I started thinking of who to call. An hour later I was inside the house, grabbed the keys and off I drove! Thank you, Ralph and Jess!

When I got to the chapter house there were two people working in the library plus one working with Rosalind and Fran working in another room. I spoke to both of them for a little bit and then went downstairs to work on the folders for the district meeting this Saturday. When those were finished we all left.

I had to stop by Rosalind's to pick up chapter stationery and envelopes, then back home I went. It was almost 4:00 when I got home. I put the dogs back out then fed my chickens, goats and ducks.

Phil didn't get home until 7:15. We had sandwiches for dinner. Left for Acme Lake to work with Bella but Freeman Falls Road was closed. We decided to go to Donegal Lake but didn't get there until 7:50. It was getting dark quickly so Phil worked blind retrieves with Bella while I filmed it.

Only three more weeks until the NAVHDA Invitational! Only about 100 dogs are invited to test for their Versatile Championship. Bella is one of them. She qualified last year with her Utility Test Prize I. This is her second attempt and we're praying it's all good! She and Phil qualified back in 2008 and she tested in 2009 but didn't pass because she couldn't find the shackled duck during testing. She kept trying to bring back the bird crate with all the birds in it! They've since eliminated that portion of the test. I think she and Phil will do well. They're both more relaxed. Last time I was still going through chemo and I know that weighed heavily on Phil during training. This will be better, I just know it!

OOOOPS! And, yesterday we experienced an earthquake on the east coast! It was a 5.9 centered just outside of Mineral, Virginia about 90 miles from D.C. and a whole heck further away from me but I felt it and thought at first that the marcellus shale drilling going on was blowing my house sky high or that I was hallucinating. Well, good to point out that I was neither blown up nor hallucinating. giggle Both good to know! My first earthquake. Hopefully I'll never experience another one.

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