Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Week

This weekend we spent driving back and forth to Ohio for the NAVHDA Invitational. We had a great time even though Bella did not pass for her V.C. title.

Tonight was our beagle club meeting. I have a menu planned for all four days of the AKC license trial. Now I have to go shopping and clean the club house. The weather is supposed to be bad the rest of the week so I've planned meals with the cold, rainy weather in mind. Hopefully no one will get food poisoning from my cooking. :)

Got the call today scheduling my PET/CT scan for Friday, September 30. Now that it's scheduled I have to get blood work done either tomorrow or Wednesday. I meet again with Dr. V on October 6. I need to schedule my yearly exam with the gynecologist and then mammogram at the hospital. It will be good to have those over and done with.

That's it for now. Will write more tomorrow.


Allie said...

Hope your trials went well; I'm sure no one contracted food poisoning :-)

How have you been doing this summer?

Carol Pack Urban said...

GF, I have worried about you this summer! What's going on? Ain't seen no hide nor hair of you (via your blog).

I took the summer off from working. Well, going in to work at least. I worked from home via "!" Love it.

Everyone told me my cooking at the club was great. Hmmm, I wonder about that. Maybe they were lying. hahaha

The ducks are fine. They've been joined by some weird looking hybrid duck which has knobby things sticking out of its head and three Mallards. I wonder what to do with them during the winter?