Wednesday, December 28, 2011


will be my procedure at the hospital. It's called a D&C. My cervix has been closed for years and, no, this does not mean I'm a virgin. HA! I've heard that one already! My last PET scan in September showed something in the endometrial cavity. My gyn tried to do a uterine biopsy in November but couldn't because of the cervix being closed. Tomorrow's procedure opens it up so she can do the biopsy. Praying that it is not cancer. We haven't heard from the hospital yet so I don't know what time to be there. Glad Phil has a vacation day so he can take me to the hospital.

Woke up to snow on the ground. It's been intermittent all day. I've been trying for three days to get a fire going in the wood stove. Today just might be the day for it to finally catch!

Did I mention the hens are back to laying since I put the heat lamp in their house? I came back from my parents on Saturday to find 24 eggs in nesting boxes. I've gotten four or more eggs every day since then. Reno, Opal and Bella were happy to get one each yesterday. We'll see how today goes.

Dadburned service technician from A&E Factory Service Repair came out yesterday to fix my Whirlpool Duet HE washer. When I scheduled the repair online I entered the model and serial number of the machine plus gave an accurate description of the repair needed. When he arrived, he looked at the machine, wrote down the model and serial number and then went out to the truck and came back to say he did NOT have the part to fix it! GRRRRRR! The man could see that I have piles and piles of clothes taking over my basement and that I need my washing machine to work! GRRRRR! He ordered the part which will come by Friday by FedEx. Hopefully. I'm supposed to call them back after the part arrives. GRRRRR!

Did I also mention that Phil lost his cellphone in the Conemaugh River when he was duck hunting on Monday. So, when I go to Life 360 to locate my husband it shows me a map of where the phone was last. In the middle of the river. Verizon said I could either pay Assurion $99 to get a replacement phone or upgrade to a new phone for $199. We decided to upgrade to the Motorola Droid Bionic. My fingers are crossed that Phil will not lose this one.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Week

I was with my parents. Mom's first chemo treatment was on Wednesday. We were there from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. She did well. No nausea afterward. She was just fatigued but still managed to flit around the house getting things done!

Dad and I went shopping on Thursday and Friday then I went home on Saturday morning. Her next chemo is on their 52nd wedding anniversary this coming Wednesday.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Kind of a strange day. Weird, I guess. I had my clock set for 7:15. I wanted to get up early to go to QuickDraw to get my pre-op testing done today. I ended up sleeping through the alarm and music. I woke up at 8:30, got dressed, put on a little makeup and ran out the door. I didn't even take the dogs out before I left. Got to the Pellis Rd office at 9 and was out the door by 9:40. Stopped at McDonald's in Southwest Greensburg for biscuits and a Diet Coke for my breakfast and then drove home. I took the dogs out and then fed and watered my chickens, ducks and goats. It was 55 degrees when I was out. Slight rain. Very dark sky and lots of wind. Makes me want to stay inside and huddle under the covers all day.

On the way home I called and spoke to my Dad. Mom was out at a doctor's appointment. I think she was getting her pre-op testing done. Her port placement is on Monday. Dad said she has a CT scan for this afternoon.

I also stopped to look at a small camper in Lycippus. I've seen it out in the yard for a couple of years now. I think it's a Scotty and it was made in 1976 so it's 35 years old. They're asking $900 which I think is OUTRAGEOUS even if it does have new cushions, bedding and a new coat of paint on the outside. The info sheet said the water isn't working which makes me wonder what else may be wrong with it. I didn't see info about a heater and there's not bathroom. I need to find out what it might be worth. Phil would think it's ridiculous to buy one. I was thinking cheap and easy to haul. It was 17 ft long.

I work tomorrow then plan to run errands. Have to get gift cards for Christmas presents. No plans yet for Saturday. Phil is judging a United Beagle Clubs trial at Franklin Township on Sunday and I'm tagging along. After that is dinner at his mom's house. Monday is our monthly meeting at Salem. Tuesday I head to Mom and Dad's.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update on Mom

Mom called this afternoon to let me know she gets her port installed on Monday, Dec 19. She also said she is supposed to start chemo AND radiation on Wednesday, Dec 21. I don't think this is acceptable! Both are not done in the same facility like it is here at UPMC's Arnold Palmer Pavilion in Greensburg. She would have to go for radiation at a facility an hour from her house and then drive to the chemo facility the same day. I think this needs to be thought out a bit more. Mom is going to call her doctor tonight to discuss further.

I worked a couple hours at the office yesterday then took Opal to the vet. She still had a porcupine quill in her muzzle near her eye. Dr. Markle said it will work itself out but shouldn't come near to her eye. She'll be fine.

Today I worked two hours at the office and then I came home and fed animals. Now I've got chocolate chip/pecan flavored chip cookies baking in the oven. The dough even tastes good!

I have a nice fire going in the woodstove and it's warm enough (66.4 degrees) for me to sit here in the front room. It will be great when Randy installs our new Payne heat pump! I got a pretty good deal since I work for him.

Mom called again. Wasn't able to reach her doctor's office. They closed at 4 p.m. Phil called at 5:30. He was on Grant St heading out of the city and should be home by 7.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Alright, I've figured out if you see a sign that says FREE or something on the side of the road which looks pretty good and you could use it that it's better to stop right then because for sure it won't be there when you come back through!

Today, I saw a sign at a house on Marguerite Lake Road in Pleasant Unity over by Naser's Foods. The sign read, "Free 12 Chickens." I drove right into their driveway and stopped to talk to the owner who was out picking up sticks in the yard. I asked if the sign meant free range chickens or free as in you're giving them away? He laughed. I told him I'd be back at 5:00 after the chickens went in to roost for the night.

I came back at 5:00 and almost all were up on the roost settling in for the night. One was in a nesting box and three moulty ones were out in the barn. He and I wrangled chickens taking two in his arms and three in mine. We put them into Phil's dog boxes on back of the truck. I thanked the man and went on my way.

Phil won't be happy though. Some of the chickens pooped in the boxes. I'll probably get stuck cleaning that out myself. I put five of the hens in with my other chickens and left the other seven in the dog boxes until Phil comes home from work.

I now have 24 chickens, six of which are roosters. Oh happy times come tomorrow when they all wake up at dawn and try to figure out who will be chief rooster in the chicken house! Updates to follow in the next few days, I'm sure.


Two years ago this month, as I was finishing my last chemo treatment, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 1a Endometrial Cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy and the surgical oncologist thought that would do the trick with no further treatment needed. He was wrong. Last month she had a biopsy and was told her cancer was back. I'm glad to say it's still Stage 1a(b) but she'll need radiation and most likely chemo. The good part is she'll only have to do three cycles of chemo. I did 10 the first time and six (or was it eight?) the second time. The bad part will be her losing her hair but I've already told her I will make her some chemo caps! She's supposed to find out tomorrow when this all will take place. I plan to go down for the first week to see how she does with it. She stayed with me for six months during my chemo treatments. I can't say no nor would I want to. She saw what I went through with chemo ... getting so very sick and she worries that she will, too. I told her everyone responds differently. I met people who never got sick during chemo and worked full time through their treatment. I was amazed by them. I'm hoping she breezes through it all. I came through it with a sense that life is so very short, there is no time to waste on pettiness, hurt feelings, anger or jealousy. Life is what it is. We need to make the best of it and try to enjoy every day we have.