Thursday, December 1, 2011


Alright, I've figured out if you see a sign that says FREE or something on the side of the road which looks pretty good and you could use it that it's better to stop right then because for sure it won't be there when you come back through!

Today, I saw a sign at a house on Marguerite Lake Road in Pleasant Unity over by Naser's Foods. The sign read, "Free 12 Chickens." I drove right into their driveway and stopped to talk to the owner who was out picking up sticks in the yard. I asked if the sign meant free range chickens or free as in you're giving them away? He laughed. I told him I'd be back at 5:00 after the chickens went in to roost for the night.

I came back at 5:00 and almost all were up on the roost settling in for the night. One was in a nesting box and three moulty ones were out in the barn. He and I wrangled chickens taking two in his arms and three in mine. We put them into Phil's dog boxes on back of the truck. I thanked the man and went on my way.

Phil won't be happy though. Some of the chickens pooped in the boxes. I'll probably get stuck cleaning that out myself. I put five of the hens in with my other chickens and left the other seven in the dog boxes until Phil comes home from work.

I now have 24 chickens, six of which are roosters. Oh happy times come tomorrow when they all wake up at dawn and try to figure out who will be chief rooster in the chicken house! Updates to follow in the next few days, I'm sure.

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