Thursday, December 1, 2011


Two years ago this month, as I was finishing my last chemo treatment, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 1a Endometrial Cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy and the surgical oncologist thought that would do the trick with no further treatment needed. He was wrong. Last month she had a biopsy and was told her cancer was back. I'm glad to say it's still Stage 1a(b) but she'll need radiation and most likely chemo. The good part is she'll only have to do three cycles of chemo. I did 10 the first time and six (or was it eight?) the second time. The bad part will be her losing her hair but I've already told her I will make her some chemo caps! She's supposed to find out tomorrow when this all will take place. I plan to go down for the first week to see how she does with it. She stayed with me for six months during my chemo treatments. I can't say no nor would I want to. She saw what I went through with chemo ... getting so very sick and she worries that she will, too. I told her everyone responds differently. I met people who never got sick during chemo and worked full time through their treatment. I was amazed by them. I'm hoping she breezes through it all. I came through it with a sense that life is so very short, there is no time to waste on pettiness, hurt feelings, anger or jealousy. Life is what it is. We need to make the best of it and try to enjoy every day we have.

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Carol Pack Urban said...

I don't know how I got this so wrong but mom received chemo from December 2011 to April 2012 and then started radiation treatments in June and will finish up at the end of July. Her last PET scan showed NED.