Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update on Mom

Mom called this afternoon to let me know she gets her port installed on Monday, Dec 19. She also said she is supposed to start chemo AND radiation on Wednesday, Dec 21. I don't think this is acceptable! Both are not done in the same facility like it is here at UPMC's Arnold Palmer Pavilion in Greensburg. She would have to go for radiation at a facility an hour from her house and then drive to the chemo facility the same day. I think this needs to be thought out a bit more. Mom is going to call her doctor tonight to discuss further.

I worked a couple hours at the office yesterday then took Opal to the vet. She still had a porcupine quill in her muzzle near her eye. Dr. Markle said it will work itself out but shouldn't come near to her eye. She'll be fine.

Today I worked two hours at the office and then I came home and fed animals. Now I've got chocolate chip/pecan flavored chip cookies baking in the oven. The dough even tastes good!

I have a nice fire going in the woodstove and it's warm enough (66.4 degrees) for me to sit here in the front room. It will be great when Randy installs our new Payne heat pump! I got a pretty good deal since I work for him.

Mom called again. Wasn't able to reach her doctor's office. They closed at 4 p.m. Phil called at 5:30. He was on Grant St heading out of the city and should be home by 7.

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