Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today was Not a Gorgeous Day.

Alas, this week has been back to winter weather and today it snowed.  Blech!  Soooooo tired of winter!  I want nice spring weather or jump right into summer, if possible!

I worked in the office today.  Lots of filing to do.  I got caught up on 2010 vendor filing but haven't started on 2011 yet nor have I been able to get the 2010 customer work tickets filed.  I like working from home but I still need to go into the office at least once a week to maintain the files.

I found out this evening that my granddaughter, Jassmine, had her ears pierced today!  Chrystal said she didn't even cry.  What a big girl!  I was 12 when I had my ears pierced and I cried.  I remember after the first ear was done I didn't want to do the other one because it hurt so bad.  I'm really proud of Jassie for being such a big girl!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gorgeous Day

Today was such a gorgeous day, high of 77 degrees in Greensburg, that I decided to visit with Jess and Lilly.

I finished the knitted sweater and hat project I had been working on for Lilly and wanted to give it to her.  The yarn and pattern are by Sirdar.  I used Sirdar's Baby Bamboo DK Yarn (80% bamboo and 20% merino wool) in rinky dink.  I thought it had cotton in it but it doesn't.  This is just about the softest yarn I've ever worked with.  I love it.

I started on a sweater and hat set for Dixie-Lee yesterday.  I'm using Sirdar's Baby Bamboo DK Yarn in willow.    It's a very light colored green which I also used as an accent color in Lilly's sweater above.  Lilly's sweater was size 12-18 months and is a little large but she will grow into it.  I'm making Dixie-Lee's in size 6 months; hopefully, it will not be too large.  Lilly weighs 20 lbs at 8 months) while Dixie-Lee is 12 lbs at almost 3 months.

After this project is finished, I've got to start something for Jassmine!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life, in General

I really hate this Daylight Savings Time.  Always have.  Never understood the reasoning for keeping it around after World War II.  I find getting up when it's still dark out and going to bed when it's still light outside quite a contradiction in terms as I'm sure most people do.

Today was errands day.  I had to go to the bank, stop at the cancer center to get bloodwork drawn, and go to Sam's Club to pick up dog food. 

Blood draw went fine and one of my nurses, Sarah, stopped over to see me.  Said she heard me laughing.  :)  She looked great.  Expecting her second baby soon.  I think I'll be knitting something blue very soon.  Enjoyed visiting with Krystal, Christina and Dana while I was there.

I need egg cartons.  The girls have finally seen the light, literally, and I have more eggs than I can manage.  I hate giving them away because feed is so expensive now.

I'm thinking of selling Pepper at the livestock auction.  Randy said goats are going for $1 a pound which would get me about $150.  I could buy a bunch of little goats and feed them on what Pepper eats.  And then there's the selfishness he has with Jenny.  He pushes her out of the way so he can eat all the food.  If he wasn't a goat I'd think he was a pig.

Colonoscopy next week.  I don't dread the procedure because that's the easy part.  You're asleep.  haha  The prep is gagalicious.  Thank God I don't have to do the gallon GoLytely solution.  Two Bismodyl pills and Half-Lytely.  Be glad to have this one done and hear the doctor say I don't have to come back for another two years!  I need to schedule Phil's next.  I don't know how he will get through the prep and go an entire day without eating.  He gets sick if he doesn't eat every couple of hours.

It's almost 2 a.m.  I'd better turn in before it's time for him to get up for work.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cancer Survivor

Wikipedia describes a Cancer Survivor as an individual with cancer of any type, current or past, who is still living.  About 11 million Americans alive today, one in 30 people, are either currently undergoing treatment for cancer or have done so in the past. Currently nearly 65% of persons diagnosed with cancer are expected to live at least five years after the cancer is discovered.

That's wonderful news to me; not that one in 30 people get cancer but the fact that 65 percent continue to live at least five years past diagnosis! That's a whole lotta people who continue to have hope and faith that they will survive, and continue to fight with all the strength they have. Me, included!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

The hubs took a half day from work today to come home and spend with me.  I am so spoiled!  giggle

We watched a little t.v. together and, while I finished watching an episode of The Closer, he went to feed animals.  When he came back in, we left to grab something for dinner.

I wasn't sure where I wanted to eat.  We spend way too much money eating out when I could fix something halfway decent and edible at home.  We decided it was going to be Smokey Bones tonight.

It was a nice meal and we had a very good waitress which surprised me.  Lately, every place that we've eaten has given us a waitress who seemed to not have much going on between the ears.  I couldn't say that about this young woman.  She was polite, friendly and offered suggestions on meal choices plus brought drink refills every so often without having to be reminded.  It was very enjoyable.

I told Phil I wanted to see the movie Red Riding Hood.  I knew it wasn't going to be the fairy tale that I remembered from childhood.  This was supposed to be a dark version.  I was looking forward to a movie with a little bit of gore and suspense.  The end I didn't see coming which was a relief for me because I can usually tell you in the first 10 minutes who-dun-it.  I enjoyed the movie even if the movie critics did not.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Saturday morning Phil got up really early to meet his brother, Dave, in Ligonier. They were going to Warriorsmark for the Continental Pheasant Hunt.  They had an awesome time and Dave said that Opal outperformed her mother, Bella, on points and retrieves.  They each brought home six birds.

I enjoyed my Saturday by staying in bed and knitting combined with a little computer time looking at emails.  Phil came home about 4:00 then went out to Dairy Queen and brought us both home salads and ice cream.  Yum!

Sunday morning we had scheduled to meet Ralph, Jess and Lilly at Dino's Sports Bar in Greensburg next to Gander Mountain at 11:30 only to find out when we got there that it didn't open up until noon.  Boo.  We drove over to Texas Roadhouse and had a great lunch.  Lilly was SO good.  She had just woken up from a nap and was all smiles.  She warmed up to us and waved throughout the meal, looking around occasionally checking out the people who were sitting nearby.

After lunch we went over to Target to shop for baby supplies.  Jassie had called Friday night asking if she could come over.  I spoke with Chrystal and we were going to have Jassie and Dixie-Lee.  We picked up diapers, formula, baby wipes, Desitin (just in case), baby bath and baby lotion.  Then we drove over to pick up the girls.

The first thing we did, after arriving at our house, was give the girls a bath.  It was the first thing Jassie wanted to do.  She likes the big garden tub in our bedroom.  I fill it up with baby bath to make bubbles and she puts her Barbies in with her.  This time in addition to Barbies baby Dixie-Lee joined her.  I had an awful time bending over the bathtub trying to hold the baby from going under the water.  Next time we're going to bath her in the smaller tub downstairs!

After bath time we watched tv for a bit and had popcorn.  Then it was time for dinner.  I reheated rigatoni in meat sauce.  Jassie kept asking for more but the three of us finished off what I had so she made herself a butter sandwich.  We played on the couch and I knitted while the baby slept in the back room.  Jassie kept going back to check on her.

The baby was fine.  She had three bottles and three diaper changes and seemed to be perfectly content with either me holding her or Pappy holding her although Pappy let her slip onto the couch once because he wasn't holding tight enough.  I told him he's going to have to work on that.  After playing Barbies and getting out the Lego blocks and building stuff, Jassie said, "Grandma, I think Dixie wants to go home to her mommy.  You should call mommy to come get her."  I am pretty sure it was Jassmine who wanted to go home and not Dixie-Lee!  So, Chrystal and Joe had to drive all the way up to our house to pick up the girls.  So much for giving them a night off!

Phil called today and told me he thought Jassie was pretty well behaved yesterday.  That's a plus.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Colon Cancer Awareness

Here it comes again!  The time of the year where I can get up on my soapbox and talk about cancer without people's eyes rolling back in their heads.  After a while people tune you out.  They want to hear uplifting stories.  Stories about cancer aren't usually uplifting.  People think cancer equals death but that's not always the case.

Today was "Dress in Blue" day to raise awareness for Colon Cancer.  It was also the day my sister went in for a colonoscopy.

Colon Cancer runs in our family.  Mom's youngest sister died from it in 1983 at the very young age of 29.  I was diagnosed Stage III three and a half years ago.  My sister had a hemicolectomy a year ago in February.  The surgery was supposed to lessen her risk of getting Colon Cancer.  Even after that, she still has to have a colonoscopy every year just to make sure there's nothing wrong.

It's been two years since my last colonoscopy.  It's scheduled for March 24 so it's fast approaching.  I don't dread it as much as I used to.  When you're first diagnosed with cancer every procedure and doctor appointment is earth shattering because you're wondering, constantly, about the WHAT IF's.  What if this should happen?  What if we have to do this procedure?  What if it comes back?  What if they find something new?

The other day I called to schedule my PET scan before my appointment with the oncologist on April 7.  Turns out that I don't need to schedule one!  My last three scans have been clear so my oncologist wants only blood work and we'll see how it looks and go from there.

So, here comes the preaching again ... if you are near the age of 50, or have a history of Colon Cancer in your family, or are experiencing ANY type of bowel problems or pain, get thee to a doctor quick!  If the doctor tells you that you're too young for Colon Cancer let him/her know that the youngest diagnosed person with Colon Cancer was a 12 year old child.  Colon Cancer doesn't discriminate based on sex, race, age or any of the other bunk you have have heard!  It is treatable and preventable!  Get it scheduled and have it done.  Tell your doctor that Carol sent you!