Thursday, July 21, 2011

What do you think this is?

Your birthday? Nah, it's MY birthday! Last one before the big Five Oh!

Had a wonderful day today. We drove up to Ridgway to eat at the Lumberjack restaurant. Sat at the same table in the bar/lounge as we did last year. In fact, I ordered the same thing I had last year. The beef and bleu steak salad. So unbelievably good!

There was one waitress for the entire room and I think she did really well keeping things moving along. We even ordered dessert. Cheesecake. You would not believe the size! I expected a sliver of cheesecake but it was at least two inches thick and four inches high! In the end the owner came over to wish me happy birthday and said our desserts were free. AWESOME! We will definitely be back. Who cares if it takes three hours to drive there?

It was 103 degrees in Ridgway today. I couldn't believe it. We walked around town for about half an hour wanting to do some sight-seeing but we both just about melted. Walked to Rite Aid for something to drink and decided to go home. It took about 15 minutes for the air conditioner in the truck to actually feel like it was cooling. We were so glad when we got home and saw it was only 95 in Latrobe and 88 at home. Thankfully, the animals were all fine.

Hubs has already gone up to bed. I may sit and knit for a little while. Not sure. It was a really good day. Happy birthday, Carol. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Whazzup? Not much.

The hubs is on vacation this week. Yay! Every year he takes off the week of my birthday. Last year we took a lot of day trips one of which was a trip to Elk County to see the elk. We did see elk which was very cool but we also ended up in a little town called Ridgeway and had a fantastic lunch at a steak restaurant called Lumberjacks. We plan to go back up on Thursday, my birthday. I haven't tasted a steak salad like theirs in a year. Can't wait!

I had Jassmine and Dixie two days last week. We went over to visit Jess and Lilly twice. Jassie was so excited to get to swim there. It was great to visit with all three of my granddaughters.

Had a fox come in the yard mid-day yesterday chasing chickens. I yelled for Phil to get the shotgun and by the time he had it loaded and out the door the daRn buggar was gone! So the chickens will be penned up for the next couple of days. I had been letting them out during the day and penning them back in at night. DaRn fox knew the schedule, too. That sucker would have looked good on my wall! Next time, Mr. Fox!

Scrubbed the front porch down yesterday with soapy water and bleach mixed in. Looks good. Went to Ollies and bought new cushions for the lawn chairs. Tried to clean the old ones in the washer but they wouldn't get clean. Paid $45 or $50 each for them only a couple years ago. So disappointed. The new ones were only $15.99 each. Very happy about that!

Jess gave me a box of clothes for Dixie for me to keep at my house. They are so cute! Some Lilly had outgrown and others had been given to her and she had duplicates or couldn't use. She gave me 12 containers of formula to give to Chrystal. I kept one to keep at my house for when Dixie is here. Awesome!

Haven't felt motivated to finish that Sirdar cardi I started for Dixie. I know it's been at least four weeks since I've touched it. Partly because I've been busy with C.A.R. stuff and otherwise boredom on my part. I did pick up a quick knit this afternoon. Something quick, fun and a small gift for Lilly's upcoming birthday. Middle granddaughter is turning ONE! She is so precious. She's almost ready to walk on her own. I mentioned to Jess that Lilly's hair is getting blonde now that she's out in the sun. It's curly, too, like Jassmine's was before she cut her hair last year. What is it with kids and scissors?

Phil is out training dogs with some of his buddies. Three of them are training for the NAVHDA Invitational coming up in September in Ohio. They were doing water work at Acme Lake and field work at Rolling Rock Club.

That's about it. Just wanted to give a shout out to what's been going on in my little world. :)

P.S. Jess took the above photos except the one of Jassie running in the yard. She takes the best photographs! I point and click and that's about it. Just don't have the eye needed to be a good photographer.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Worked yesterday and when I got home, Phil was there before me. He took a half day vacation. When we sat down to lunch, he mentioned Chris and Joanna Zupo invited us to dinner. Sounds like fun to me!

We got to Gianelli's at Mountain View around 6:30 and ordered drinks. I was reading the menu when they arrived. It was so good to see them!

We met them through the NAVHDA chapter and they moved to eastern PA in June 2007. From there they moved to WI and finally came back to our area this year.

I ordered manicotti with a cup of wedding soup. No where near the soup that my sister in law MaryAnn makes! There was celery or cabbage in the soup instead of pasta. My manicotti was good and the sauce was nice. Phil had two pieces of salmon. He said it was wonderful. Chris had a bowl of spaghetti and Joanna had chicken parm.

The guys discussed training in East Palestine, OH with Matt Snyder and Jeff Lorenzini. Phil was up early to meet Chris at 5:30 and Matt at 6:15. They were supposed to get to Jeff's by 7:30. I just cannot get up that early and, really, I enjoy sleeping in.

Enjoyed having dinner out with them. Made plans to go to Cabelas with them on Sunday. Looking for something to do on the Fourth of July. I want to see a parade and then see fireworks in the evening. Haven't done that in a long while.

Mom and Dad are in Niagara Falls with Jill and Kim. Looks like they are having a great time. The photos are wonderful!

Joe, Chrystal and the kids are supposed to be camping this weekend at Douthat State Park in VA. Not sure if Ralph and Jess have plans. Will check with them to see what they're up to.

Have a load of clothes drying on the line outside. 4 1/2 yards of dress fabric drying that I can't WAIT to make a dress out of for my girls!

Got a text from my cousin Laura Ann this morning. She's selling me an American Girl Bitty Baby doll with accessories. Cool! Something for the girls to play with when they're visiting Grandma and Pappy. Pappy will say I bought it for me. giggle

I hear a hen announcing she laid an egg. It's funny how the other chickens call back to her. My Aunt Nancy, God rest her soul, would say they were validating her.