Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Much To Do!

Yesterday I had a wonderful visit with the kids.  Ralph fixed a terrific lunch which we ate together.  Cajun seasoned grilled chicken breast with bacon and swiss cheese on a kaiser bun served with tater tots.  I took a lot of photos of Lilly then came home and napped for three hours.  I don't understand why I still need to nap in the afternoon but I've read a lot of cancer survivors still do this even years after treatment.

I've been working all morning trying to get things done before my surgery.  DAR-related, C.A.R.-related, some bird dog club things for Phil plus test entry forms for his dogs, then there's my regular work which I can do from home instead of having to drive into the office.  It just feels like the more I accomplish the more there is to do.  Nothing will get done during the time I'm in the hospital. The doctor already said the earliest I would get out would be after three days and that would be barring any complications during surgery or after.  I know most of my hospital stays are five to seven days at which time I'm usually climbing the walls trying to find some means of escape!  I'm a terrible patient.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Today I am thankful that my new surgeon does not think the health issue I'm dealing with (complex hyperplasia with atypia) has become cancerous yet.  Absolutely, positively not looking forward to undergoing this surgery which has been set for February 3.  Given the circumstances, I am very thankful for this doctor because he is one of the best, if not the best.  :)

This will be complicated as I have a lot of scar tissue and adhesions from prior surgeries.  Praying he does not have to cut through my bowel and reconstruct.  Praying he's able to get to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes without incident.

The rest of my day was rather grand.  Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Yummy pecan pancakes!  Home to nap while the hubs worked from his office laptop.  Matinee movie at 4 p.m. at Carmike Cinemas.  We saw Red Tails which I thought was an excellent movie, however, I read some blogs which gave it thumbs down!  Then back home to watch tv and catch up on emails for State Conference.

Planning to visit with Ralph, Jess and Lilly tomorrow morning.  Did I mention Phil's 25-year award from Corporate arrived on Friday?  16 megapixel Fujifilm digital camera.  AWESOME!

New Cancer?

I'm a colon cancer survivor of four+ years. Diagnosed Stage III at age 45. Long and bumpy road in that department. Follow up twice a year with oncologist and finally hit the once a year PET scan list. Most recent scan in September was clear except for bright spots on right ovary and endometrial area. Advised to follow up with my gynecologist, which I did.

Yesterday was my post-op visit after the uterine biopsy on December 29. Pathology report came back that I have severe hyperplasia and the pathologist told the gyn that I should have surgery asap. Given my history, I have an consultation scheduled for January 23 with gynecological oncologist/surgeon to schedule a hysterectomy.

My mother is currently undergoing chemo for uterine cancer after having a hysterectomy after biopsy two years ago.

Right now I really don't know if this is colon cancer which has spread to the uterus or a new cancer. I don't feel as devastated by this news as I did with my initial cancer diagnosis. I wasn't given much chance of survival then and I've overcome so much.

I've only told my parents, sister, brother and a few friends. Holding off on telling my sons until I have more information. Don't want to scare them right now.

It was a shock but certainly wasn't the awful way I was told that I had cancer back in 2007. My gynecologist is a wonderful female doctor. Even if she wasn't my doctor I would want her for a friend. She told me she could do the surgery but she wants me to be in even better hands. That was so touching.

I didn't cry about it once yesterday. A little whinies for about half a minute when I got home and was by myself but I got over that soon enough. :) I'm not a whiner and never have been.

Phil is home from work sick today. Has a bad head cold and I sure do hope I don't come down with it because I don't want to have to delay surgery. I want to know right away what we're dealing with and get right into treatment. If it is cancer I want to do chemo and possibly radiation. I don't want to be dealing with this again in two years like my mom is having to do. BTW, she is doing really well with the low-dose chemo regimen of Paclitaxel and Carboplatin. Very few side effects. No nausea which is freaking wonderful! Mild fatigue, dizziness and shakiness. I read those are symptoms of the Carboplatin. She's getting chemo today.

That's about it. It's 12:49 p.m. and I'm still in my nightgown sitting in bed. I got a call from my boss this morning telling me he needed me to work. :) I opened up the laptop and got right on it. Love working from home. Too bad the filing can't get done from here! haha