Monday, January 23, 2012

New Cancer?

I'm a colon cancer survivor of four+ years. Diagnosed Stage III at age 45. Long and bumpy road in that department. Follow up twice a year with oncologist and finally hit the once a year PET scan list. Most recent scan in September was clear except for bright spots on right ovary and endometrial area. Advised to follow up with my gynecologist, which I did.

Yesterday was my post-op visit after the uterine biopsy on December 29. Pathology report came back that I have severe hyperplasia and the pathologist told the gyn that I should have surgery asap. Given my history, I have an consultation scheduled for January 23 with gynecological oncologist/surgeon to schedule a hysterectomy.

My mother is currently undergoing chemo for uterine cancer after having a hysterectomy after biopsy two years ago.

Right now I really don't know if this is colon cancer which has spread to the uterus or a new cancer. I don't feel as devastated by this news as I did with my initial cancer diagnosis. I wasn't given much chance of survival then and I've overcome so much.

I've only told my parents, sister, brother and a few friends. Holding off on telling my sons until I have more information. Don't want to scare them right now.

It was a shock but certainly wasn't the awful way I was told that I had cancer back in 2007. My gynecologist is a wonderful female doctor. Even if she wasn't my doctor I would want her for a friend. She told me she could do the surgery but she wants me to be in even better hands. That was so touching.

I didn't cry about it once yesterday. A little whinies for about half a minute when I got home and was by myself but I got over that soon enough. :) I'm not a whiner and never have been.

Phil is home from work sick today. Has a bad head cold and I sure do hope I don't come down with it because I don't want to have to delay surgery. I want to know right away what we're dealing with and get right into treatment. If it is cancer I want to do chemo and possibly radiation. I don't want to be dealing with this again in two years like my mom is having to do. BTW, she is doing really well with the low-dose chemo regimen of Paclitaxel and Carboplatin. Very few side effects. No nausea which is freaking wonderful! Mild fatigue, dizziness and shakiness. I read those are symptoms of the Carboplatin. She's getting chemo today.

That's about it. It's 12:49 p.m. and I'm still in my nightgown sitting in bed. I got a call from my boss this morning telling me he needed me to work. :) I opened up the laptop and got right on it. Love working from home. Too bad the filing can't get done from here! haha

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