Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Much To Do!

Yesterday I had a wonderful visit with the kids.  Ralph fixed a terrific lunch which we ate together.  Cajun seasoned grilled chicken breast with bacon and swiss cheese on a kaiser bun served with tater tots.  I took a lot of photos of Lilly then came home and napped for three hours.  I don't understand why I still need to nap in the afternoon but I've read a lot of cancer survivors still do this even years after treatment.

I've been working all morning trying to get things done before my surgery.  DAR-related, C.A.R.-related, some bird dog club things for Phil plus test entry forms for his dogs, then there's my regular work which I can do from home instead of having to drive into the office.  It just feels like the more I accomplish the more there is to do.  Nothing will get done during the time I'm in the hospital. The doctor already said the earliest I would get out would be after three days and that would be barring any complications during surgery or after.  I know most of my hospital stays are five to seven days at which time I'm usually climbing the walls trying to find some means of escape!  I'm a terrible patient.


Tina said...

Any chance we can get Phil, or your mother to post to let us know how you are doing after surgery? I will be thinking about you! Surgery is always scary! Praying God's peace will wash over you!

Carol Pack Urban said...

I can ask him and my mom to post to FB. I know, I am so anxious (nerves).