Thursday, February 16, 2012


or, lack thereof.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my total hysterectomy.  While the pain is not so bad anymore and I am so thankful for that, the lack of hormones have set in and I've been a crying mess all week.  Depressed at times and waking up at night or from a nap just drenched in sweat.

I cried off and on almost all day yesterday.  Everything made me emotional.  We drove up to Warriorsmark yesterday afternoon to drop Opal off to be bred.  I cried on the way up.  I cried on the way back.  Phil just laughed.  Thank God he has a wonderful sense of humor.

I had an appointment yesterday to get my incision looked at.  It was definitely infected.  Had the staples removed.  Started on Cephalexin 500 Mg four times a day.  Go back next week to have it looked at again.

It was nice to get out with Phil yesterday.  It was a long drive but we had a nice dinner in Johnstown at Lonestar Steakhouse.  We dropped the dog off and chatted a while with Eric, Bernadette and their beautiful daughter.  We left at 7 and got back home around 9 p.m.

I know the antibiotics are working.  And, thankfully, we remembered to pick up a stool softener yesterday at CVS!

While I have been so hormonal and missing my mommy, I want to say how thankful I am to have Phil's mommy to help us out.  She's been wonderful.

Jess and Ralph have helped out a lot.  Since I can't lift anything I certainly can't handle Bella, Opal or Reno and defnitely not Elsa and Leja although I rarely have to do anything with them.  The worst thing about the dogs is they don't realize when you're not well.  Opal ran up and jumped straight up on me the other day and knocked me almost off my feet.  She's a very strong 63 lbs!  So, during my first week back home we were blessed to have home cooked meals every day which were made by Jess.  Ralph was good enough to bring those goodies over to us every day and to also take the dogs outside for potty breaks.  And, it didn't hurt Grandma none that she got to spend time with Miss Lilly.  Oh, God, how I do love my granddaughters!

I promised to make chili for dinner tonight so I better get a move on.  It's 6 p.m. already!

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