Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had a beautiful day yesterday visiting with Jess, Ralph and Lilly.  Poor Jess, she had another migraine.  I do not wish those on anyone!  I'm just so thankful I no longer have them.  We had a rather nice lunch out at Denny's in Latrobe.

I saw my doctor again yesterday.  She wants to see me once a week until my incision is completely healed up.  She also set me up to receive a home health nurse to visit me every day and change out the packing in my incision.

I will start on low dose hormone replacement therapy patches.  Stopped at CVS yesterday to pick them up but they were on order.  Was supposed to stop out there today to get them but the Jeep had a flat.  I called AAA for someone to come out and change the tire.  I don't know if they ever showed up.  I fell asleep for about half an hour and then never heard back.

The nurse was out this morning around 9.  She was so funny.  I think she was here past 10.  She just kept talking and talking.  I can't imagine anyone having that much to say.  haha

I cleaned up the dishes in the sink, straightened up the upstairs and took a load of clothes down to the basement to wash.  I folded a set of sheets and a load of jeans.  I actually felt like I accomplished something!  Now if I could just scrub the bathroom floors.

The weather report on Sunday said we were supposed to have 50 degree weather all this week.  Yesterday I looked again and we may get snow showers a few days this week.  I'm not happy.  I have the house set on 68 degrees but I still feel chilled.  I wish I had a fire going in the woodstove to keep the house warm.  I could probably get one started but I can't carry up anything larger than sticks and Phil doesn't have any wood cut up small enough for me to handle.  DaRn!

Mom's getting chemo today.  I text her this morning.  I was hoping to hear an update on my Uncle Jack.  Mom said he's running a fever right now.  He's in renal failure and has been asleep for a couple of days now.  My cousin Laura said hospice was called in and he's in a private room.  I pray every day for him.  I know he was so sad after his wife died in August.  He just didn't want to go on.  I pray mostly that he does not suffer.  I pray for my cousins, too.  I think it will be harder on them to lose their father.  They were always so close.

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