Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Weekend

Saturday morning Phil was up early to work a field trial at the beagle club.  Much too early for me to get out of bed so I stayed home.  He took the GSPs with him so it was super nice to be able to sleep in late and not have to walk dogs.

We bred Bella this week and he was able to bring her home.  If Opal and Bella both took it would mean pups are due at the end of April and at the end of May.  Both girls are begging for kibbles.  You'd think they hadn't been fed.  And, more potty breaks.  So, we'll see if the breedings took.

We went to a party at the Donegal Community Center on Saturday night for Shelby and Chucky.  Shelby turned 15 in February and Chucky was 8 in December.  Chrystal brought Jassie and Dixie with her so we were able to see our granddaughters.  Jassie cried when we left.

Joe brought the girls over on Sunday.  It was awesome.  I fixed breakfast; pancakes, bacon and eggs.  I made scrambled eggs for Dixie.  It was so cute to see her feed herself!  The girls played for hours.  Phil and Joe worked on the boat for a while.  They left about 3:30 and I took a two hour nap.  Wore Grandma out!

I still have the kitchen to clean up downstairs.  We have a beagle club meeting tonight.  Phil wanted to get an appointment for the chiropractor tonight but that isn't going to happen.  I don't know if he pulled something in his neck/shoulder area but it's been bothering him for a few days.

Bella's howling.  Time to take her out.  I bet she just wants more food and she isn't getting any.

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