Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm not sure if I've posted about my post-surgery pain.  It was so bad the past two weeks that the doctor sent me for a CT scan thinking I had developed a hernia at the incision site.  The scan came back clear and I'm still having pain.  Phil thinks I've torn a muscle going from the abdomen into the pelvic region.

I've finally graduated from the Ibuprofen 800mg pills I was taking twice a day to going cold turkey.  Right now the pain is centered around the incision and navel.  I told Phil it feels like a knife being inserted into my belly button and being twisted.  I prayed for relief on Saturday night.  It was much worse but it's getting better.  I have to remember to move.  I can't sit in one spot for very long.

Still, while I'm complaining about my pain, I think about so many people who live with constant pain.  I don't know how they do it.  I am such a wuss.

Phil and I were discussing the hysterectomy surgery.  He said the doctor told him he went through every organ and through the bowels looking for any issues.  Other than some adhesions, a small fibroid and a hernia (how come I didn't know this sooner?) there was nothing found.  He did have to cut through the bowel and do a resection because of the adhesions.  Maybe the muscle pain is part of the healing process?  I don't know except that this pain seems to be lasting longer than the pain after my original colon resection back in 2007.  Maybe it takes longer to heal the older a person gets?  I feel a lot more abdominal swelling after this surgery.  Wearing jeans or anything that even rubs the navel area hurts like crazy.  I know I can't walk around with my panties down under my belly.  That would feel really good but look so gross!

It's 10:30 here.  I have a lot of people to pray for tonight before going to sleep.  It's a very long list and it seems to be getting longer.  If you're a person who believes in the power of prayer, please end your prayers tonight with an addendum.  Ask God to please be with everyone that I pray for.  Thanks!

Sleep well.

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Tina said...

Sorry you are still having so much pain--hope you can get it figured out! And I did add my prayers to yours last night... :)