Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Memorial Service

My dear Aunt Barbara's sister Louise passed away on Good Friday.  She had a wonderful day with family.  She did a little shopping, had dinner out and even spent time at The Meadows casino.  Today we attended the memorial service at her church.  While we are sad that we'll no longer see her here on Earth, there were many of her friends in attendance to honor her memory.  I'm sure she was laughing as she listened to the stories of remembrance being told about her at the service.

I can't remember the first time I met her.  It was probably the first time my parents traveled to PA to visit my aunt and uncle.  We spent a week with them every summer.  Usually one day of the visit was spent at an amusement park.  We visited the White Swan, Kennywood Park and Idlewild.  Louise usually accompanied Mom and Aunt Barb to help keep us kids under control.  I remember she would give each of us kids a roll of dimes to spend on anything we wanted and would say come back and see her when we ran out of money!  I remember someone saying she was the last of the red hot spenders. 

Oh and she was so funny!  The stories she would tell!  She loved to travel and spent a lot of time at casinos.  I remember she visited Atlantic City and Las Vegas every year.  There were probably other places, too.

She was a great lady; very generous with her money, her time and her skill as a nurse.  She will certainly be missed.

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Tina said...

Sorry for your loss Carol. She sounds like she was a wonderful lady!