Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oncology Appointment

Today is my six month checkup with my oncologist.  I went for blood work last week.  Today I'll get the results.  I know my blood count was good because the girls told me right away.  Just wish they had been able to give me my CEA results, too!  Phil asked me last night if I was nervous about the appointment.  Not really.  We've been dealing with this cancer for almost five years now.  Whatever will be will be.  I can't sit here worrying my life away about things I can't control.  Just have to live each moment and keep going on.  Will post again later today.

Update:  Doctor V came in and said my blood work was excellent, keep up the good work, they are all overjoyed at my continued good health/success, etc.  See ya again in six months.  Buh-bye.  :)

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