Monday, April 30, 2012


This past week was so busy!  I cleaned the club house and bought groceries for the West Penn winners stakes held at the beagle club over the weekend.  Friday and Saturday I drove to Pittsburgh to attend state conference for the PSSDAR.  I gave my report on Saturday and handed out an award certificate to the Shikelimo chapter for best outstanding program by a chapter. 

I also received an award for first place for my essay (on colon cancer) in the women's issues contest.  My entry came in second place in the eastern division.  I was very excited but really glad I didn't have to read my essay.  Sunday I cooked breakfast and lunch at the beagle club.  Today I feel so tired.
Randy asked me to come in to work tomorrow.  I don't have anything planned for Wednesday or Thursday.  Friday I pick up Jassie.  She's going to stay the weekend with us.  We have a youth day event at Keystone State Park on Sunday with the bird dog club.

Really enjoyed state conference this year.  I drove back and forth each day.  I didn't mind the drive too much although the first day I almost got run off the road by two cars from Michigan as I was coming across the Fort Duquesne bridge into the tunnels.

The veterans and junior membership luncheons were very well done.  Kudos to Debra Kohr Sheppard and her group, Susan Gillette Meer and her group.  I enjoyed both very much.  I'm thinking of taking Jassie to the western district junior membership luncheon on May 19.  I think she would enjoy the drive in to Pittsburgh and eating at the country club where the lunch is held.  I can't believe she's turning five soon!

Here's me accepting my award.

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