Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend with Family

My parents are coming up tomorrow.  It will be great to see them.  We haven't been together since I was at their house right before Christmas.

Phil's been working hard on the aluminum boat so he and the guys can go fishing.  Later on it'll be just me and him fishing.  :)  He repaired a small tear in the bottom of the boat where it skidded across gravel during a wind storm.  He then tore out all of the green indoor/outdoor carpeting which was so disgusting.  He painted something called Herculiner on the interior which also made it slip resistant.  He replaced the wood boards and then reinstalled the seats.  He's planning on painting it in camo but that's another weekend project.

I worked at the office yesterday.  Once I got in the door I decided to bring Bella and Opal outdoors and hooked them up to cables in the yard.  I brought out all of the dog crates just as Phil was pulling up in the driveway.  We took the crates down to the kennel building and then took Bella and Opal down there where they spent the night.  I think Bella was a little scared because she howled a good long time.  Opal was in there with her puppies and remembered being there.  This morning as I was taking each of them out to potty Opal went back over to the spot where she and the puppies were (where the whelping rooms are now) and peed right on the floor.  What can I say?

I washed clothes today and have sheets hanging on the clothes line.  It's not quite warm enough outside to sit in the sun but it's warm, sunny and breezy enough for clothes to dry.

So I'm supposed to be cleaning the house in anticipation for my parents arrival tomorrow.  I keep getting side tracked by phone calls, projects, computer, blogs, Pinterest.  haha

Making spaghetti for dinner tonight.  Hopefully I can get the downstairs bathroom cleaned and clean sheets put on the bed for their room.  Have to run around moving things around.  Like toys, dolls, Phil's dress shirts which need to be ironed, etc.  Oh, and vacuuming!  They'll be here around noon.  I may have to get up early.

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