Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sat-er-day ...

Remember that song, "Saturday in the park ....?" 

I was on the internet late last night (way early this morning) trying to upload a photo of Jassie's cherry dress on Pinterest.  Dang, I don't know what was going on but it was h o u r s  until it worked.  Got up with Phil at 5 a.m.  Went to the kennel to check on Bella and the puppies.  Little girl (I'm going to call her Giada) doesn't seem to be able to nurse well.  After an hour of trying to get her to latch on to the teat I decided to go back to the house and heat up a baby bottle of goat's milk.  No, not our goats.  I drove to Tractor Supply yesterday and bought goat's milk Esbilac in liquid form and also milk replacer in powder.  I distracted Bella with cooked liver and gave Giada the formula.  She finally got the hang of it.  Boy puppy is fat.  No need to bottle feed him.  I saw him not long after he was born and he was nursing then!

I'm so happy I finished Jassie's dress last night.  Her birthday party is this afternoon.  I hope the weather is good for it.  I bought her a Dora coloring book and Dora dominoes.  I did see on FB last night where Jess posted that she and Ralph were invited to Jassie's party.  Glad for that.  Wish everyone got along better.  I pray for my sons and their families every day.

Did I mention Phil is on vacation this week and part of the following week?  How cool is that?

I'm getting tired.  Going to lay back down for a little bit.

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