Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tough Week

Bella is our first GSP.  She's eight years old.  We bred her once.  That was five years ago.  We wanted to breed her again but it's been tough because she comes in season just bout once a year.  Most of the times she came in season it interfered with testing events.  Both she and Opal came in season within three weeks of each other.  We bred Opal in February but she had a miss.  We bred Bella in March.  She carried six pups but only two survived; a male and a female.  We had intended to sell pups to finance the remainder of the kennel completion.  At this point we're not sure we'll sell either of them.

Today, in between checking on Bella and the pups, I cut out a pattern and fabric to make a dress for Jassmine.  Her birthday was on Tuesday.  In fact, she called me in the morning to let me know it was her birthday.  :)

For the dress I used a McCall's pattern (MP464) that I bought a while back.  I only picked out the fabric on Monday before I went in to work.  I loved the cherry fabric and thought the contrasting pink would go nicely.  The pattern was difficult to work with.  I like the end product but felt the dress could be put together more easily than the steps the pattern took to get me there.  I also don't like using zippers in childrens wear.

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