Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clothing Patterns

This evening I got to rummaging around in our basement and came across a box of old patterns.  Some are dress and skirt patterns from my home ec class in high school, a bunch of old maternity patterns which I should donate to Salvation Army and, one really cute 1940s era New York Pattern Creation #1783 (Baby Romper, Pinafore and Panties Pattern) in a size 2 which just happens to be what Lilly is wearing now and Dixie will be in shortly!  I'm so excited.  I brought it upstairs and opened it up to find all the pieces are intact and the directions are included.  Yay!  Just think, this little outfit is the same age as my parents.  giggle

I've been ordering fabric off eBay.  Phil came in with the mail today to tell me that one of my goodies arrived.  HAHA  More fabric!  I came across some really darling Riley Blake fabric on eBay the other day.  It's already been washed and is sitting on the ironing board ready to be pressed.

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