Thursday, June 28, 2012


Yesterday I had to pick up dog food and decided to go to Walmart instead of Tractor Supply.  I can still use my $7 Purina Pro Plan member checks there and they've finally brought back {drum roll, please} the FABRIC Department!  They have a large bin of discount fabric which ranges from $2 a yard on up in addition to three aisles and rows upon rows of fabric.  I browsed around for a while thinking about this really lovely white cotton gauzy-type material with lace and ruffles running through it.  Reminded me of a pre-made dress or skirt but at $12.99 a yard I'll pass.

After I left there I went over to the Salvation Army thrift store looking for fabric.  I came across pink gingham cotton/poly curtains with ruffles and all cotton twin bed sheets with dancing ballerina, roses and ribbons.  Thinking both can be cut up and made into dresses for the granddaughters.  Both are in excellent condition, no stains, rips or tears.  I've already washed and they're hanging on the clothes line drying.

I read a lot of other sewing and knitting blogs including Pinterest for inspiration.  I've been checking out eBay for fabric.  I did a search on Waverly rose cotton fabric and came up with literally more than a thousand items for sale in that category. Waverly fabrics also makes sheets and a twin sheet (top or bottom) is about three yards of fabric by more than 50 inches wide.  At $3.99 for the sheet set and $7.99 for the curtains I think I made a huge score!

These are not great photos.  I took them with my cellphone.

I worked on the dress for Lilly's second birthday party.  Jess had sent me a photo a couple weeks ago asking if I could copy the dress.  She already had the shirt and a friend would embroider it.  I cut two inches from the bottom of the shirt then I started on the tiers for the skirt.  When I measured Lilly the other day I measured 18 inches from her waist to the top of her knee.  From where the skirt starts to the bottom measures 16 inches so I'm hoping (praying) it fits and looks great otherwise there will be an awful lot of time spent with the seam ripper in my future.

Below is my inspiration.

And my version. 


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