Sunday, June 3, 2012


I got a text on Thursday from my son Joe asking if I'd like to have his girls for the weekend.  The appropriate response was, "SURE!," which I text back.  Chrystal dropped Jassie and Dixie off a little after 10 on Friday.  I made scrambled eggs for their breakfast, gave them a bath and loaded them up in the truck and off we drove to Warriorsmark to pick up a dog we had bred.  Two hours later and Dixie was finally asleep after having screamed most of the way up there.  I was thinking whatever did I get myself into? 

We pick up the dog and head back arriving at the house around 4:30.  At 5:30 we started to get a storm and by 6:00 the electricity was off.  Jassie started crying.  I guess she was scared because there were no lights on.  We went upstairs and the girls played with their dolls.  Electricity was back on about 8:10.

We had KFC for dinner.  We watched a little tv.  I gave the girls a bath and we were in bed by 9:30.  Not asleep but in bed.  Dixie woke up screaming just about every hour and then finally fell asleep and slept until 7:00.

I made them scrambled eggs again for breakfast then we went over to visit with Jess, Ralph and Lilly.  The girls loved playing together and I enjoyed spending time with everyone.  We got back home and Dixie fell asleep on my lap while Jass fell asleep next to us on the sofa.  They woke up when Phil got home.  Leftover KFC chicken, green beans, corn and macaroni & cheese for dinner.  Bath time and then the girls and I went to sleep upstairs around 10.  Phil slept downstairs so he could get a good night's rest.  This time Dixie slept all through the night and didn't wake up until 7:30.  Yay!

After I fed the girls breakfast this morning I gave them a bath.  Jassie had cereal and I gave Dixie oatmeal.  They love bath time.  It's more like play time because I let them take toys in the bath tub.  Dixie doesn't understand that you can't walk around in the tub.  She scares me.  I'm afraid she's going to fall in the tub!

We got dressed and loaded the Jeep then headed over to see Lilly again.  The girls had an awesome time playing together.  I think it's really great socialization for Dixie, too.  She has no one near her own age to play with.  Jassie is four years older and they don't play well together.  Lilly and Dixie are close in age. 

It's great for the cousins to see each other.  Here's a photo of my three beautiful granddaughters.

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