Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday, Flag Day 2012

Today is Flag Day.  Last year I was speaking at the Bedford County DAR Chapter in Bedford, PA.

Today I worked from home doing billing.  The past two days I was at the office working on the computers.  We had a bad storm Tuesday night which effected the computers.  Yesterday I had to leave work early to stop by my DAR Chapter to work on the computer and printer there.  I did manage to get all three computers back up and running.  Yay!

Beautiful day here today.  Blue skies, mild weather with a slight breeze.  A high of about 72 degrees.  I have clothes hanging out on the line.  That will always be one of my favorite things.

My postman says I keep the economy running with my purchases.  giggle  Today I received a package of cotton lace from Korea.  I plan to use it on some of the girls dresses and possibly a nightgown for me.  I ordered 2 1/2 yards of white muslin from a seller on eBay and also a used nightgown pattern (Butterick 4864) which I thought was lovely.

Did I mention that my mom finished chemo?  Her PET scan showed NED, however, her doctors are scheduling her to begin 25 radiation treatments beginning this coming Monday.  It will be five per week for five weeks.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Her name is Nita.

My chickens are out running around.  The goats are laying on the grass inside their enclosure and the ducks are all in a pile next to each other in their pen.  The dogs are all sleeping right now.  Bella's puppy Rocco has learned to climb out of the whelping box and do his business outside of the sleeping area now.  Big boy at four weeks!  I put toys in with him yesterday.  A small red Kong toy and a small nylon chew bone.  Jassie and Dixie played with him on Sunday.  So cute.

I'd like to take the guys out for breakfast on Sunday (Father's Day) at Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans.  I should check with them.  Phil is on vacation again next week.  I'm looking forward to fishing the Little Juniata River one day.  I know he'd like to get in a day or two of dog training.  I may stay home and sew those days.

That's about it.  Time to hang out another load of clothes on the line!

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