Saturday, July 7, 2012

Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony

Today we had a wreath laying ceremony at the grave of Peggy Shaw at the Middle Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Mount Pleasant.  She was only 12-13 years of age when she was shot by a war party from Fort Niagara on July 13, 1782 at Hanna's Town (outside of Greensburg, PA) after rescuing a small child.  Peggy died from her wounds two weeks later.  Hanna's Town was the first seat of government in Westmoreland County.   There's an interesting write-up about her which can be found here.

Our local Children of the American Revolution society was founded and named after Peggy Shaw in the 1950s.  A bronze marker was placed at her grave on October 14, 1954 by the Peggy Shaw Society C.A.R. and another one at the fort at Hanna's Town.  This was the first grave marker ceremony by a C.A.R. society within the state of PA.  Our ceremony today marked 58 years since that bronze marker was placed there and 230 years since Peggy was killed.  It was a joint collaboration between the local society and Braddock Trail Chapter NSDAR which sponsors our society.

After the ceremony we drove to Hanna's Town where we had a picnic lunch followed by a meeting where we installed new society officers and then enjoyed a tour of Hanna's Town.  Even at 94 degrees it was an enjoyable time.

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